Common carp
Common Carp
Mirror Carp
Mirror Carp
Leather Carp
Leather Carp
Crucian Carp
Crucian Carp
Grass Carp
Grass Carp
Ghost carp Koi hybrid
Ghost Carp
Wels Catfish
Northern Pike
Roach Roach
Common Barbel
Common Dace
Ide or Orfe
Common Bream
Common Bream
Silver Bream - has big eye
Silver Bream
Bream/Roach/other hybrids
Bream/Roach/oth. hybrids
Brown trout
Brown Trout
Rainbow trout - introduced
Rainbow Trout
Salmon (also marine)
Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Minnow (m)
Minnow female
Minnow (f)
Three-spined stickleback
Three-spined Stickleback
fish juv
Common European Eel
Common/European Eel
White-clawed Crayfish
White-clawed Crayfish
Signal Crayfish
Signal Crayfish
Narrow-clawed Crayfish
Narrow-clawed Crayfish
Blue line
Firemouth Cichlid Firemouth Cichlid
Spot-cheek Cichlid Spotcheek Cichlid
Red-striped Eartheater Red-striped Eartheater
Sveni Eartheater Sveni Eartheater
Pearl Eartheater Brazilian Cichlid Pearl Eartheater
Demon Eartheater Demon Eartheater
Demon Eartheater Demon Eartheater
Whitespot Eartheater Whitespot Eartheater
3-spot Eartheater 3-spot Eartheater
Wolf Cichlid Wolf Cichlid m
Wolf Cichlid female Wolf Cichlid f
Jaguar CichlidJaguar Cichlid
Festive/flag Cichlid Festive/Flag Cichlid
Oscar cichlidOscar (cichlid)
Argentine HumpheadArgentine Humphead
Paraguay EartheaterParaguay Eartheater
Chocolate CichlidChocolate Cichlid
Brown AcaraBrown Acara
Keyhole CichlidKeyhole Cichlid
Butterfly Peacock Bass Butterfly Peacock Bass
Speckled Peacock Bass non-breeding Speckled Peacock Bass
Blue Speckled Peacock Bass Blue Speckled P. Bass
Striped Pike Cichlid Striped Pike Cichlid
Zebrina Pike Cichlid Zebrina Pike Cichlid
Redhead Cichlid Redhead Cichlid
Twoband or Redspeck Cichlid Twoband/Redspeck Cichlid
Midas cichlid Midas Cichlid
Flier Cichlid?Flier Cichlid
Black Convict Cichlid Amatitlania nigrofasciataBlack Convict Cichlid
Zebra Cichlid male Amatitlania nigrofasciata Convict Cichlid m
T-bar Convict CichlidT-bar Convict Cichlid
T-bar CichlidT-bar Cichlid m
juvenile T-bar CichlidT-bar juv.
Texas Riogrande CichlidRio Grande Cichlid
Jack Dempsey CichlidJack Dempsey Cichlid
German Blue Ram dwarf cichlidBlue Ram Dwarf Cichlid
Chequerboard cichlidChequerboard Cichlid
Freshwater AngelfishFreshwater Angelfish
Rio Nanay AngelfishNanay Angelfish
Altum AngelfishAltum Angelfish
Orange DiscusOrange Discus (Red-spotted Western/tarzoo)
Blue or Regal Red DiscusBlue/Regal Red Discus
Heckel DiscusHeckel Discus
Bluestreak Hap Electric Yellow Cichlid Bluestreak Hap Cichlid
Scrapermouth Mbuna Cichlid Malawi Slender Tapir Slender Cichlid/ Scrapermouth Mbuna m
Scrapermouth Mbuna Cichlid Malawi Scrapermouth Mbuna m
Scrapermouth Mbuna Cichlid Malawi female Scrapermouth Mbuna f
Blue Mbuna CichlidBlue Mbuna
Labeotropheus fuelleborni Blue Mbuna MalawiBlue Mbuna
Zebra CichlidMbuna Zebra Cichlid
Lake Malawi Mbuna Zebra CichlidMbuna Zebra Cichlid
Lake Malawi Mbuna Zebra CichlidMbuna Zebra Cichlid
Lake Malawi Redtop Zebra CichlidRedtop Zebra Cichlid
Lake Malawi Red Zebra CichlidRed Zebra Cichlid
Yellowtop Mbamba CichlidYellowtop Mbamba
Demasoni CichlidDemasoni Cichlid
Pindani/Powder Blue Cichlid Pindani Cichlid
Golden Cichlid fish MalawiGolden Cichlid m
Golden Cichlid fish MalawiGolden Cichlid f
Maingano Cichlid MalawiMaingano Cichlid
Blue-grey Mbuna Cichlid Malawi male Blue-grey Mbuna m
Blue-grey Mbuna Cichlid Malawi femaleBlue-grey Mbuna f
Interruptus Cichlid Interruptus Cichlid m
Bumblebee Cichlid MalawiBumblebee Cichlid
Borleyi Cichlid femaleBorleyi Cichlid - f
Borleyi Cichlid maleBorleyi Cichlid - m
Electric Blue Ahli Cichlid(Electric) Blue Ahli Cichlid
Mloto Yellowfin Princess Mloto Yellowfin Princess
Malawi Blue Dolphin cichlid Malawi Blue Dolphin
Lombardo's/Kenyi Cichlid Lombardo's/Kenyi Cichlid f
Lombardo's/Kenyi Lombardo's/Kenyi Cichlid m
Lake Chilingali Sandeater Lk. Chilingali Sandeater
Lake Chilingali Rhamphochromis Lk. Chilingali Rhamphochromis sp.
Malawi Peacock Cichlid Peacock Cichlids
Yellow Peacock Cichlid fishYellow Peacock Cichlid
Red Peacock Cichlid fishRed Peacock Cichlid
Livingston's Cichlid Livingston's Cichlid
Lake Natron TilapiaNatron Tilapia
Tanganyikan Tilapia male Tanganyikan Tilapia m
Tanganyikan Tilapia female Tanganyikan Tilapia f
Humphead/frontosa CichlidHumphead/Frontosa Cichlid
Blue Kitumba MobaBlue Kitumba Moba
Humphead Frontosa female Humphead Frontosa - f
Gold 6-bar CichlidGold 6-bar Cichlid
5-bar Tanganyika cichlid 5-bar Tanganyika Cichlid
Poll's TropheusPoll's Tropheus
Poll's TropheusPoll's Tropheus
Yellow-banded Duboisi CichlidYellow-banded/Duboisi
Doctor/Daktari CichlidDoctor/Daktari Cichlid
Lemon Lamp CichlidLemon Lamp/Cichlid
Elongated Lemon Lamp Cichlid?Elongated Lemon Lamp
Princess of Burundi CichlidPrincess of Burundi
Nkambae CichlidNkambae Cichlid
Marlieri/Chequered Julie CichlidChequered Julie
Marlier's JulieMarlier's Julie
Golden Julie OrnateGolden Julie
Shell-dwelling/Multi-lined CichlidShell-dwelling Cichlid
Sardine CichlidSardine Cichlid
3-striped Haplotaxodon3-striped Haplotaxodon
Congo Black CichlidCongo Black Cichlid
Hap. riponianus Haplochr. riponianus
Victoria Nyerere's Cichlid male Victoria Nyerere's Cichlid
Victoria Nyerere's Cichlid male Victoria Nyerere's - f
Victoria Zebra Cichlid, Lake VictoriaVictoria Zebra Cichlid
Zebra ObliquidensZebra Obliquidens
Nile TilapiaNile Tilapia
Spotted TilapiaSpotted Tilapia
Zebra Tilapia buttikoferiZebra Tilapia (Buttie)
Zebra Tilapia buttikoferiZebra Tilapia
Ultraslender Cichlid Steatocranus sp. Ultraslender Cichlid
African Butterfly CichlidAfrican Butterfly Cichlid
Cichlid Unga Barombi mbo Tilapia Unga/Barombi mbo Cichlid
Leka Keppe mbo CichlidLeka Keppe mbo
Nsess/Alkali CichlidNsess/Alkali Cichlid
Green KribensisGreen Kribensis
Otjikoto Guinas TilapiaOtjikoto Guinas Tilapia
Mozambique TilapiaMozambique Tilapia
Pinstriped MenaramboPin-striped Menarambo
Damba MipentinaDamba Mipentina
Polleni CichlidPolleni Cichlid
Calico Damba KotsovatoKotsovato/Calico Damba
East Coast Grey Cichlid, MadagascarEast Coast Grey
Madagascar RainbowfishMadagascar Rainbowfish
Regal RainbowfishRegal Rainbowfish m
Banded RainbowfishBanded Rainbowfish f
Grime RainbowfishGrime Rainbowfish
Goldie RainbowfishGoldie Rainbowfish
Bleher's RainbowfishBleher's Rainbowfish m
Bleher's RainbowfishBleher's Rainbowfish f
Boeseman's Rainbowfish Boeseman's Rainbowf. m
Boeseman's Rainbowfish female Boeseman's Rainbowf. f
Parkinson's Rainbowfish Parkinson's Rainbowf. m
Parkinson's Rainbowfish Parkinson's Rainbowf. f
Red RainbowfishRed Rainbowfish
Western RainbowfishWestern Rainbowfish
Macculloch's RainbowfishMacculloch's Rainbowfish
Sentani RainbowfishSentani Rainbowfish
Lake Kutubu RainbowfishLake Kutubu Rainbowfish
juvenile Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish Kutubu Rainbowfish juv.
Lake Kurumoi RainbowfishKurumoi Rainbowfish
Threadfin RainbowfishThreadfin Rainbowfish
Paska's Blue-eyePaska's Blue-eye
Forktail Blue-eyeForktail Blue-eye
Mountain HardyheadMountain Hardyhead
Guppy maleGuppy m
Guppy maleGuppy m
Guppy femaleGuppy f
Endler's Liverbearer male Endler's Livebearer m
Endler's Liverbearer male Endler's Livebearer m
Endler's Liverbearer female Endler's Livebearer f
Monterrey platyfish Monterrey Platyfish
Green Swordtail male Green Swordtail m
Green Swordtail female Green Swordtail f
Butterfly Goodeid maleButterfly Goodeid m
Butterfly Goodeid femaleButterfly Goodeid f
Rainbow Goodeid maleRainbow Goodeid m
Rainbow Goodeid femaleRainbow Goodeid f
Blue-tailed or Striped GoodeidBlue-tailed Goodeid
Zacapu GoodeidZacapu Goodeid
Patzcuaro GoodeidPatzcuaro Goodeid
San Sebastian SplitfinSan Sebastian Splitfin
Tequila Splitfin maleTequila Splitfin m
Tequila Splitfin femaleTequila Splitfin f
Finescale SplitfinFinescale Splitfin
Goldbreast and Leopard Splitfinsmore Goodeids/Splitfins
Potosi Pupfish malePotosi Pupfish m
Potosi Pupfish femalePotosi Pupfish f
Charco Palma Pupfish maleCharco Palma Pupfish m
Charco Palma Pupfish female Charco Palma Pupfish f
La Palma PupfishLa Palma Pupfish
Mezquital PupfishMezquital Pupfish
Chequered PupfishChequered Pupfish
Bermuda KillifishBermuda Killifish
Mangrove KillifishMangrove Killifish
Greek KillifishGreek Killifish
Mediterranean Aphanius KillifishMediterranean Killifish
Arabian KillifishArabian Killifish m
Sainthouse's KillifishSainthouse's Killifish
Tanganyika KillifishTanganyika Killifish
Sakaramyi PanchaxMadagascar Panchax
Norman's LampeyeNorman's Lampeye
Fluviphylax Dwarf Lampeye maleDwarf Lampeye m
Fluviphylax Dwarf Lampeye femaleDwarf Lampeye f
Redcap OrandaGoldfish: Redcap Oranda
Koi carpKoi Carp
Grass CarpGrass Carp
Rosy BitterlingRosy Bitterling
White Cloud Mountain MinnowWhite Cloud Mtn Minnow
Gold White Cloud Mountain MinnowGold W.C.M. Minnow
Bala Shark MinnowBala Shark Minnow
Red-tailed Black Shark Minnow Red-tailed Black SharkM.
Rainbow Shark MinnowRainbow Shark Minnow
Rainbow ShinerRainbow Shiner
Harlequin RasboraHarlequin Rasbora
Hengel's RasboraHengel's Rasbora
Black-striped RasboraBlack-striped Rasbora
Scissortail RasboraScissortail Rasbora
Porthole RasboraPorthole Rasbora
Giant DanioGiant Danio
Celestial Pearl DanioCelestial Pearl Danio
tinfoil barbTinfoil Barb
Red-tailed tinfoil barbsRed-tailed Tinfoil
tinfoil barbsother Tinfoils
Isok Barb Carp JulienIsok Barb - Jullien's Carp
Denison's Redline Torpedo BarbDenison/RTorpedo Barb
Arden's BarbArden's Barb
Filament BarbFilament Barb
Mascara BarbMascara Barb
Rohan's BarbRohan's Barb
Tambraparni BarbTambraparni Barb
Arulius BarbArulius Barb
Snakeskin or Round-banded BarbSnakeskin/Rhomb Barb
5-banded Barb5-banded/6-banded Barbs
Tiger BarbTiger Barb
Green Stripe Tiger BarbGreen Stripe Tiger Barb
Spanner BarbSpanner Barb
Spanner BarbSpanner Barb
Bandula BarbBandula Barb
Bandula BarbBandula Barb m
Sri Lankan Black Ruby BarbBlack Ruby Barb
Cherry Barb maleCherry Barb m
Cherry Barb femaleCherry Barb f
Rosy BarbRosy Barb m
Rosy BarbRosy Barb f
Rosy BarbRosy Barb f
Maharajah BarbMaharajah Barb
Redside/Two-spot BarbRedside/Two-spot Barb
Striped BarbStriped Barb
Chequered BarbChequered Barb
Odessa BarbOdessa Barb
Glass BarbGlass Barb
Clipper BarbClipper Barb
Butterfly BarbButterfly Barb m
Butterfly BarbButterfly Barb f
Red Algae-eaterRed Algae-eater
Siamese Algae-eaterSiamese Algae-eater
Silver Flying Fox Cros. reticulatus alge eaterSilver Flying Fox
Stone Roller Cros. latius alge eaterStone Roller
Chinese Algae-eaterChinese Algae-eater
Giant KokopuGiant Kokopu
Indo-Pacific TarponIndo-Pacific Tarpon
Banded ArcherfishBanded Archerfish
Burmese Clouded ArcherfishBurmese Clouded Archerfish
Silver Moony/MoonfishSilver Moony/Moonfish
African MoonyAfrican Moony/Mono
Red ScatSpotted/Red Scat
Green ScatGreen Scat
European SmeltEuropean Smelt
Amazon Puffer fishAmazon Puffer
Malabar Puffer fishMalabar Puffer
Leopard Puffer fishLeopard Puffer
Nile Puffer fishNile Puffer
Mbu Puffer fishMbu Puffer
Black ParadisefishBlack Paradisefish
Spiketail ParadisefishSpiketail Paradisefish
Betta Siamese Fighting FishBetta/Siamese Fighting Fish
Betta Siamese Fighting FishBetta/Siamese Fighting Fish
Tiger BettaTiger Betta
Dwarf Red GouramiRed/Dwarf Gourami
Pearl GouramiPearl Gourami
Three-spot GouramiThree Spot Gourami
Three-spot Gourami, Cosby variant3spot Gourami, Cosby
Giant GouramiGiant Gourami
Leopard Bush gourami Climbing PerchLeopard Bush
Blotched SnakeheadBlotched Snakehead
Northern SnakeheadNorthern Snakehead
Long-nosed Distichodus, African characinLong-nosed Distichodus
Nobol DistichodusNobol Distichodus
West African Pike CharacinAfrican Pike Characin
Red-bellied PiranhaRed-bellied Piranha
Black Spot PiranhaBlack Spot Piranha
Lobe-toothed PiranhaLobe-toothed Piranha
Silver Dollar fishSilver Dollar
Silver Dollar with red spotRed Spot Silver Dollar
Silver Dollar with red hookSilver Dollar, red hook
Red Hook Silver Dollar fishRed Hook Silver Dollar
Black-barred Silver Dollar also Disk TetraBlack-barred Silver Dollar
fishBlack-barred Silver Dollar
Striped Silver Dollar fishStriped Silver Dollar
Silver MylossomaSilver Mylossoma
Pacu BrancoPacu Branco
Sheep PacuSheep Pacu
Giant PacuGiant/Black-fin Pacu
TambaquiTambaqui - Pacu
PirapitingaPirapitinga - Pacu
Jaraqui Flagtail Silver CharacinJaraqui/Flagtail Silver Prochilodus
Jaraqui Flagtail Kissing CharacinJaraqui/Flagtail Kissing Prochilodus
Dusky Narrow HatchetfishDusky Narrow Hatchetfish
Giant Hatchetfish - Thoracocharax securisGiant Hatchetfish
Black-finned BryconBlack-finned Brycon
Striped HeadstanderStriped Headstander
Ternetz's anostomusTernetz's Anostomus
Marbled HeadstanderMarbled Headstander
Striped or Banded LeporinusBanded/Striped Leporinus
Y-striped LeporinusY-striped Leporinus
3-spot Leporinus3-spot Leporinus
Lipstick LeporinusLipstick Leporinus
Darter Characin Apareiodon affinis Darter Characin affinis
Darter Characin fasciatum Darter Characin fasciatum
Tucan Fish, characinTucan Fish
Slender Hemiodus, characinSlender Hemiodus
Spilurus Slender TetraSlender Spilurus Tetra
Glass Headstander TetraGlass Headstander
Sortfinnet TetraSortfinnet Tetra
Cardinal TetraCardinal Tetra
Neon TetraNeon Tetra
Black Neon TetraBlack Neon Tetra
False Penguin Tetra(False) Penguin Tetra
Emperor TetraEmperor Tetra
Black Emperor TetraBlack Emperor Tetra
Royal TetraRoyal Tetra
Glowlight TetraGlowlight Tetra
January TetraJanuary Tetra
Black Line Tail TetraBlack Line Tail Tetra
Colombian Redfin TetraColombian Redfin Tetra
Serpae or Jewel TetraSerpae/Jewel Tetra
Buenos Aires TetraBuenos Aires Tetra
Redtail MoenkhausiaRedtail Moenkhausia
Diamond TetraDiamond Tetra
Redeye TetraRedeye Tetra
Red Laser Tetra Cerulean Hemigrammus coeruleus Red Laser Cerulean Tetra
Bleeding Heart TetraBleeding Heart Tetra
Discus TetraDiscus Tetra
Green's Moon TetraGreen's Moon Tetra
Garnet TetraGarnet Tetra
Paraguay TetraParaguay Tetra
Rummynose TetraRummynose Tetra
False Rummynose TetraFalse Rummynose
Lemon TetraLemon Tetra
Ember TetraEmber Tetra
X-ray TetraX-ray Tetra
Black Phantom TetraBlack Phantom Tetra
Black Widow TetraBlack Widow Tetra
Congo TetraCongo Tetra
Yellowtail TetraYellowtail Tetra
African Long-finned TetraAfr. Long-finned Tetra
African Red-eyed TetraAfr. Red-eyed Tetra
Rosy TetraRosy Tetra
Blind Cave Fish Mexican TetraMex. Blind Cave Fish
Omani Blind Cave FishOmani Blind Cave Fish
Panda GarraPanda Garra
Red GarraRed Garra
Chinese SuckerfishChinese Suckerfish/loach
Skunk LoachSkunk Loach
Clown LoachClown Loach
Zebra LoachZebra Loach
Polkadot LoachPolkadot Loach
Yoyo LoachYoyo Loach
Dwarf Chain LoachDwarf Chain Loach
Dwarf Chain LoachDwarf Chain Loach
Hillstream LoachSpotted Hillstream Loach
Hillstream Loach Gastromyzon speciesHillstream Loach Gastromyzon sp.
Hillstream Loach Gastromyzon speciesHillstream Loach Gastromyzon sp.
Giant Shark Catfish ParoonParoon Shark Catfish
Iridescent Shark CatfishIridescent Shark Catfish
Colombian Shark CatfishColombian Shark Catfish
Black Doradid Ripsaw CatfishRipsaw Catfish
Black Doradid Ripsaw CatfishBlack Doradid Catfish
Red-tailed CatfishRed-tailed Catfish
Giraffe-nosed CatfishGiraffe-nosed Catfish
Barred Sorubim CatfishBarred Sorubim Catfish
Lima Shovelnose CatfishLima Shovelnose
Black Bullhead CatfishBlack Bullhead
Rhino catfishRhino Catfish
Red GibbicepsRed Gibbiceps Sailfin
Spotted Sailfin PlecoSpotted Sailfin Pleco
Amazon SailfinAmazon Sailfin/Cmn Pleco
Suckermouth CatfishSuckermouth Catfish
Bristlenose CatfishBristlenose Catfish m
Bristlenose CatfishBristlenose Catfish f
Bristlenose Sucker CatfishBristlenose Sucker
Tiger PlecostomusTiger Pleco
Tiger Pleco?Tiger Pleco?
Striped PanaquolusStriped Panaquolus
Royal Blacklines PlecoRoyal Blacklines Pleco
Gold Royal Rio Araguaia Pleco Gold Royal Rio Araguaia Pleco
Sunshine PlecoSunshine Pleco
Gold Nugget B.xanthellus Gold Nugget B.xanthellus
Gold Nugget Baryancistrus spp. Gold Nugget Baryancistrus spp.
Zebra PlecoZebra Pleco
Royal Platinum PlecoRoyal Platinum Pleco
Green Phantom pleco catfishGreen Phantom
Angolan Walking CatfishAngolan Walking Catfish
Electric CatfishElectric Catfish
Spotted Hoplo CatfishSpotted Hoplo Catfish
Black Marble Hoplo CatfishBlack Marble Hoplo
Ornate PimelodusOrnate Pimelodus
White Line PimelodusWhite Line Pim
Pictus CatfishPictus Catfish
Yellow Marbled SynodontisYlw. Marbled Synodontis
Cuckoo CatfishCuckoo Catfish
Clown Squeaker CatfishClown Squeaker
Malawi Upsidedown CatfishMalawi Spotted Squeaker
Malawi Upsidedown CatfishFeatherfin Squeaker
Royal Twig CatfishRoyal Twig Catfish
Grasscutter CatfishGrasscutter Catfish
Glass CatfishGlass/Ghost Catfish
Glass CatfishGlass Catfish
Striped Glass CatfishStriped Glass Catfish
Blue SheatfishBlue Sheatfish
Sterba's CorydorasSterba's Corydoras
Emerald Brochis CatfishEmerald Brochis/Cory
Smudgespot CatfishSmudgespot Catfish
Panda CorydorasPanda Corydoras
Delphax Cory CatfishDelphax Cory
Axelrod's CorydorasAxelrod's Corydoras
Black Bar CorydorasBlack Bar Corydoras
Empire GudgeonEmpire Gudgeon m
Empire GudgeonEmpire Gudgeon f
Purple-spotted GudgeonPurple-spotted Gudgeon
Bumblebee GobyBumblebee Goby
Red-cheeked GobyRed-cheeked Goby
Asian/Indian MudskipperAsian Mudskipper
Dwarf Indian MudskipperDwarf Indian Mudskipper
Pearses MudskipperPearse's Mudskipper
Barred? MudskipperBarred Mudskipper
Atlantic MudskipperAtlantic Mudskipper
Largescale Four-eyesLargescale Four-eyes
Spotted GarSpotted Gar
Longnose GarLongnose Gar
Alligator GarAlligator Gar
American PaddlefishAmerican Paddlefish
Beluga SturgeonBeluga Sturgeon
Russian SturgeonRussian Sturgeon
Danube SturgeonDanube Sturgeon
Sterlet SturgeonSterlet
Clown KnifefishClown Knifefish
African Brown KnifefishAfrican Brown Knifefish
Black Ghost KnifefishBlack Ghost Knifefish
Elephantnose FishElephantnose Fish
Peters' Elephantnose FishPeters' Elephantnose
African Freshwater ButterflyfishAfrican Butterflyfish
Asian Bonneytongue or DragonfishDragonfish/Bonytongue
Silver ArowanaSilver Arowana
Silver ArowanaSilver Arowana
Arapaima headArapaima head
Barred BichirBarred Bichir
American LungfishAmerican Lungfish
Australian LungfishAustralian Lungfish
Longfin EelFreshwater Eels
Longsnouted Asian River PipefishFreshwater Pipefish
White-blotched River StingrayRiver Stingrays