Rainbow Goodeid/Characodon Characodon lateralis

Rainbow Characodon Goodeid shoal
Rainbow Characodon Goodeid red male
Rainbow Characodon Goodeid female
The Rainbow Goodeid, also called Rainbow Characodon, is limited to several small waterbodies of the upper Rio Mezquital, Durango state, central Mexico. It is endangered by water extraction for human use, water pollution and introduction of invasive species. The male, above centre, develops red colouring, often with some blue, when breeding. The female, above right, often shows some blue and the lateral line or spots as in the scientific name. She gives birth to live young rather than eggs. They grow to 5-6cm, females are larger than males.
Rainbow Characodon Goodeid
Rainbow Characodon Goodeids
Rainbow Characodon Goodeids