Hypancistrus and similar Plecos Hypancistrus/Panaquolus spp.

Tiger Pleco Looking more like a frog with a mermaid tail than a fish, this is one of the gold-striped Tiger Plecos, Hypancistrus spp.
Tiger Pleco At time of writing it is not yet fully described and assigned a species name. Others in the genus are also called Tigers.
There are several similar small plecos with bright gold stripes on dark or with black and white stripes. Many are called Tiger and Zebra. Some are named and some have only a reference number and have yet to be fully described. All are native to their particular area of a river basin in the northern half of South America.
Tiger Pleco Unsure whether this is a juvenile of the Tiger Pleco above or a separate, related species.
Tiger Pleco
Striped Panaquolus The Striped Panaquolus, Panaquolus albivermis?, L204, also called Peru Striped Flash, is native to Peru's Amazon tributaries. The stripes are white rather than yellow.
Zebra Pleco
Zebra Pleco
Zebra Pleco
The striking Zebra Pleco, Hypancistrus zebra, (L046), is native to the Amazon's Xingu tributary in Brazil. It grows to 7-8cm long. There is a curly-lined version, L098, a variant of the same species.