Grasscutter Catfish Schilbe spp. (marmoratus?)

Grasscutter Catfish
Grasscutter Catfish and African Knifefish
There are several Grasscutter Catfish in the genus Schilbe native to Africa and so-named because their anal fin resembles the blade of the old scythe grass cutters. Like most fish, as they age, the marbled or lined pattern fades, making ID more difficult. The marmoratus or Marbled Grasscutter does not have an adipose fin (as some others of the species do) and grows to around 20cm long. They swim in small groups in mid water and move to flooded plains to spawn. Other candidates include S. intermedius, the Silver Grasscutter Catfish, distributed widely in African rivers and lakes, which gets browner with age and grows to 30cm long. Populations in the northwest of its extensive range usually do not have an adipose fin (but eastern, central and southern usually have one).