Red-tailed Tinfoil Barb Barbonymus altus (prev. Barbus/Barbodes/Puntius)

Red-tailed Tinfoil Barb
Red-tailed? Tinfoil Barb
Red-tailed? Tinfoil Barb
The Red-tailed Tinfoil Barb is native to streams, rivers and flooded fields of Indochina. It is similar in appearance to the (Schwanefeld's) Tinfoil Barb, B. schwanenfeldii but has a wholly red tail fin without the black lines. The image above left is believed to be of the Red-tailed or Altus Tinfoil. Those above centre and right may be but are unclear - they have shadows on the tail edges and haven't developed a red dorsal fin, but may be regular Tinfoils.

Other Tinfoil Barbs Barbonymus spp.

Tinfoil Barb Above is another Tinfoil-type Barb with a different tail fin pattern.