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We have photographs of all the parrot species listed below and most are illustrated on this website but some have yet to be uploaded.

Some were photographed in wild state, some feral and some in captivity.

English name
Latin name
Type of Parrot
Region of Origin
Typical Length
Blue & Gold/ Blue & Yellow Macaw Ara ararauna Macaw South America 80 cm
Blue-throated Macaw Ara glaucogularis (prev. Ara caninde) Macaw South America: Bolivia 85 cm
Scarlet Macaw Ara macao Macaw Central/South America 90 cm
Catalina Macaw hybrid Blue & Gold and Scarlet Macaw South America 85 cm
Green-winged/ Red & Green Macaw Ara chloropterus/(chloroptera) Macaw South America: northern 99 cm
Hyacinth Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Macaw South America: central/eastern 99 cm
Lear's/Indigo Macaw Anodorhynchus leari Macaw South America: Brazil 75 cm
Great Green/Buffon's  Macaw Ara ambiguus (prev. ambigua) Macaw Central/South America 87 cm
Military Macaw Ara militaris Macaw Central/South America 70 cm
Red-fronted/ Red-cheeked Macaw Ara rubrogenys Macaw South America: Bolivia 60 cm
Chestnut-fronted/Severe Macaw Ara severus/severa Macaw South America 45 cm
Red-bellied Macaw Orthopsittaca manilata Macaw South America: northern 46 cm
Spix Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii Macaw South America: Brazil 55 cm
Blue-headed/Coulon's Macaw Primolius couloni  (prev. Ara/Propyrrhura couloni) Macaw South America: northwestern 41 cm
Blue-winged/Illiger's Macaw Primolius maracana (prev. Ara/Propyrrhura maracana) Macaw South America: central/eastern 40 cm
Yellow-collared/ Golden-collared Macaw Primolius auricollis (prev. Ara/Propyrrhura auricollis) Macaw South America: central 38 cm
Hahn's/ Red-shouldered Macaw Diopsittaca nobilis nobilis Macaw South America: northern 35 cm
Noble/ Red-shouldered Macaw Diopsittaca nobilis cumanensis Macaw South America: northern 35 cm
Blue-fronted/ Turquoise-fronted Amazon Amazona aestiva Amazon South America: Brazil 38 cm
Yellow-winged Amazon Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx Amazon South America: central 37 cm
Festive Amazon Amazona festiva Amazon South America: north 34 cm
Bodin's Amazon Amazona festiva bodini Amazon South America: north 34 cm
Orange-winged Amazon Amazona amazonica Amazon South America: north 33 cm
Cuban Amazon/ Rose-throated Parrot Amazona leucocephala Amazon Caribbean/Cuba 30 cm
Hispaniolan Amazon Amazona ventralis Amazon Central America: Haiti/Dom. 28 cm
St Vincent Amazon Amazona guildingii Amazon Caribbean: St Vincent 40 cm
St Lucia Amazon Amazona versicolor Amazon Caribbean: St Lucia 43 cm
Vinaceous Amazon Amazona vinacea Amazon South America 30 cm
Yellow-shouldered Amazon Amazona barbadensis Amazon Caribbean/ N. Venezuela 33 cm
Blue-cheeked Amazon Amazona dufresniana Amazon N.E. South America 34 cm
Green-cheeked/ Red-crowned Amazon Amazona viridigenalis Amazon Mexico 33 cm
Red-crowned/ Green-cheeked Amazon Amazona viridigenalis Amazon Mexico 33 cm
Lilac-crowned Amazon Amazona finschi Amazon Mexico 33 cm
Red-browed Amazon Amazona rhodocorytha Amazon South America: Brazil east 35 cm
Tucuman Amazon Amazona tucuman Amazon Sth Am: Argentina/Bolivia 31 cm
Red-spectacled Amazon Amazona pretrei Amazon Sth Am: Brazil/Argentina/Paraguay 32 cm
White-fronted/White-browed/Spectacled Amazon Amazona albifrons Amazon Central America/ Mexico 25 cm
Red-tailed Amazon Amazona brasiliensis Amazon South America: Brazil southeast 35 cm
Yellow-billed/ Jamaican Amazon Amazona collaria Amazon Caribbean: Jamaica 28 cm
Black-billed Amazon Amazona agilis Amazon Caribbean: Jamaica 25 cm
Yellow-crowned/ Yellow-fronted Amazon Amazona ochrocephala (ochrocephala) Amazon  South America: Amazon Basin 36 cm
Yellow-headed/ Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix/ Amazona ochrocephala oratrix Amazon Central America/ Mexico 38 cm
Tres Marias Amazon Amazona oratrix tresmariae/ ochrocephala tresmariae Amazon Central Am./ Mex: Tres Marias Is. 37 cm
Marajo Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona ochrocephala xantholaema Amazon South America: notheast Brazil 36 cm
Panama (Yellow-headed) Amazon Amazona ochrocephala panamensis Amazon Central Am: Panama/Colombia 31 cm
Yellow-naped Amazon Amazona (ochrocephala) auropalliata Amazon Central America 35 cm
Honduras (Yellow-naped) Amazon Amazona auropalliata parvipes Amazon Central Am: Honduras, Nicaragua 35 cm
Roatan (Yellow-naped) Amazon Amazona auropalliata caribae Amazon Central Am: Honduras 35 cm
Yellow-lored/Yucatan Amazon Amazona xantholora Amazon Central Am: Honduras/Belize/Mex. 26 cm
Red-lored Amazon Amazona autumnalis (autumnalis) Amazon Central Am: Caribbean coast 34 cm
Diademed Amazon Amazona autumnalis diadema Amazon South America: central Brazil 34 cm
Lilacine/ Ecuadorian Red-lored Amazon Amazona autumnalis lilacina Amazon South America: Ecuador 34 cm
Salvin's Amazon Amazona autumnalis salvini Amazon Central Am./Colombia/Venezuela 34 cm
Mealy Amazon Amazona farinosa farinosa Amazon Central/South America: tropical 39 cm
Blue-crowned (Mealy/Guatemalan) Amazon Amazona farinosa guatemalae Amazon Central Am: Mexico to Honduras 37 cm
Scaly-naped Amazon (Mercenary/Grey-naped) Amazona mercenaria (mercenaria/canipalliata) Amazon South America 34 cm
Yellow-faced Parrot (prev. Amazon) Alipiopsitta (prev. Amazona) xanthops Parrot, prev. Amazon South America: Brazil/Bolivia 27 cm
Purple-bellied/Blue-bellied Parrot Triclaria malachitacea Parrot S. America: southeast Brazil 28 cm
Pileated Parrot (not "Red-capped") Pionopsitta pileata Parrot South America: Brazil/Arg./Par. 22 cm
Short-tailed Parrot Graydidascalus brachyurus Parrot/ (Pionus) South America: Amazon Basin 24 cm
Blue-headed Pionus/ Parrot/ Amazon Pionus menstruus Pionus South/Central America 28 cm
Reichenow's Blue-headed Pionus/Parrot Pionus (menstruus) reichenowi Pionus South/Central America 28 cm
Bronze-winged Pionus/Parrot Pionus chalcopteru Pionus South America: northwest 29 cm
Coral-billed/Red-billed Pionus/Parrot Pionus sordidus Pionus South America: northern 28 cm
Plum-crowned/ Speckle-faced Pionus/Parrot Pionus tumultuosus tumultuosus Pionus South America: Andes 29 cm
White-headed/ Speckle-faced Pionus/Parrot Pionus (tumultuosus) seniloides Pionus South America: Andes 29 cm
White-capped/-crowned Pionus/Parrot Pionus senilis Pionus Central America & Mexico 24 cm
Scaly-headed/Maximilian's Pionus/Parrot Pionus maximiliani Pionus South Am: E. Brazil, Bol./Arg. 29 cm
Dusky Pionus/Parrot Pionus fuscus Pionus South America: northwest 24 cm
Green-thighed Caique/ Parrot Pionites leucogaster Caique South Am: Amazon Basin S 23 cm
Yellow-thighed Caique/ Parrot Pionites xanthomerius Caique South America: Amazon Basin 23 cm
Black-headed Caique/ Parrot Pionites melanocephalus Caique South Am: Amazon Basin N 24 cm
Sun Conure/ Parakeet Aratinga solstitialis Conure South America: northeast 30 cm
Jenday/ Jandaya Conure/ Parakeet Aratinga jandaya Conure South America: Brazil NE 32 cm
Golden-capped Conure/ Parakeet Aratinga auricapillus Conure South America: Brazil/Paraguay 30 cm
Nanday Conure/ (Black-hooded Parakeet) Aratinga (prev.Nandayus) nenday Conure South America: central 30 cm
Nansun Conure hybrid Nanday & Sun Conure South America 30 cm
Dusky-headed/ Weddell's Conure/ Parakeet Aratinga weddellii Conure South America: Amazon Basin 27 cm
Brown-throated/St Thomas Conure/ Parakeet Eupsittula (prev. Aratinga) pertinax Conure Cent/Sth America: north/Caribb. 25 cm
Cactus Conure/ Caatinga Parakeet Eupsittula (prev. Aratinga) cactorum Conure South America: Brazil SE 25 cm
Jamaican Conure Eupsittula (prev. Aratinga) nana nana Conure Caribbean: Jamaica 26 cm
Aztec Conure Eupsittula (prev. Aratinga) nana astec Conure Central America 25 cm
Orange-fronted/ Canicularis/ Petz Conure Eupsittula (prev. Aratinga) canicularis canicularis Conure Central America 24 cm
Canicularis/ Half-moon/ Orange-fronted Conure Eupsittula canicularis eburnirostrum Conure Central America 24 cm
Peach-fronted Conure Eupsittula (prev. Aratinga) aurea Conure South America: Brazil 26 cm
Red-fronted/Scarlet-fronted/ Wagler's Conure Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) wagleri Conure South America: northern 36 cm
Cordilleran Conure Psittacara frontata Conure South America: northwest 36 cm
Carriker's Conure Psittacara (prev. Aratinga wagleri) frontata minor Conure South America: northwest 22 cm
Red-masked/ Red-headed Conure Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) erythrogenys Conure South America: northwest 33 cm
Mitred Conure/ Parakeet Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) mitrata Conure South America: north Andes 38 cm
Green Conure/Parakeet Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) holochlora Conure Mexico/Central America 32 cm
Red-throated Conure/Parakeet Psittacara (holochlora) rubritorquis Conure Central America 30 cm
Finsch's Conure/Crimson-fronted Parakeet Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) finschi Conure Central America: tropical 28 cm
White-eyed Conure Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) leucophthalma Conure South America: northern 32 cm
Cuban Conure Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) euops Conure Caribbean: Cuba 26 cm
Hispaniolan Conure Psittacara (prev. Aratinga) chloroptera Conure Caribbean: Haiti 32 cm
Golden/ Queen of Bavaria Conure/ Parakeet Guarouba guarouba (prev. Aratinga guarouba) Conure South America: Brazil Amazon 35 cm
Blue-crowned/Sharp-tailed Conure/ Parakeet Thectocercus acuticaudata (prev. Aratinga) Conure South America: north/central 37 cm
Patagonian Conure/Burrowing Parrot Cyanoliseus patagonus (patagonus) Conure South America: Arg., Chile, Uru. 45 cm
Greater Patagonian Conure/Burrowing Parrot Cyanoliseus patagonus bloxami/byroni Conure South America: Arg., Chile, Uru. 48 cm
Andean Patagonian Conure Cyanoliseus patagonus andinus Conure South America: Arg., Chile 45 cm
Slender-billed Conure Enicognathus leptorhynchus Conure South America: Chile south 40 cm
Austral Conure Enicognathus ferrugineus Conure South America: southern 37 cm
Crimson-bellied Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura perlata (prev. rhodogaster) Conure South America: Brazil Amazon 24 cm
Pearly Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura lepida (prev. perlata) Conure South America: central 27 cm
Miritiba pearly Conure Pyrrhura lepida coerulescens Conure South America: Brazil 24 cm
Green-cheeked Conure/Parakeet (inc. Yellow-sided) Pyrrhura molinae (inc. former hypoxantha) Conure South America: central 26 cm
Blue-throated/Blue-chested/Ochre-marked Conure Pyrrhura cruentata Conure South America: SE Brazil 30 cm
Maroon-bellied Conure Pyrrhura frontalis Conure South America: SE Braz/N Arg 27 cm
Maroon-tailed Conure Pyrrhura melanura Conure South America: northern 24 cm
Choco Conure Pyrrhura pacifica Conure South America: northwest 24 cm
White-eared/Maroon-faced Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura leucotis Conure South America: Brazil 23 cm
Brazilian Grey-breasted Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura (leucotis) griseipectus Conure South America: Brazil 23 cm
Painted Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura picta Conure South America: northern 22 cm
Emma's Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura (picta/leucotis) emma Conure South America: Venezuela 23 cm
Rose-fronted Conure/Parakeet (Red-crowned) Pyrrhura (picta) roseifrons Conure South America: west Amazon 23 cm
Rose-headed/Rose-crowned Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura rhodocephalla Conure South America: Venezuela 24 cm
Fiery-shouldered Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura egregia Conure South America: northeast 25 cm
Sulphur-winged/Hoffmann's Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura hoffmanni Conure South America: central 24 cm
Black-capped/Rock/Sandia Conure/Parakeet Pyrrhura rupicola Conure South America: SW Amazon 24 cm
Maroon-fronted Parrot Rhynchopsitta terrisi Parrot/ (Conure) Mexico northeast 45 cm
Thick-billed Parrot Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha Parrot/ (Conure) Mexico 38 cm
Hawk-headed Parrot/ Buff Hawk-headed Deroptyus accipitrinus accipitrinus Parrot South America: Amazon Basin 35 cm
Brazilian Hawk-headed Parrot Deroptyus accipitrinus fuscifrons Parrot South America: Amazon Basin 35 cm
Papuan Eclectus Eclectus polychloros Eclectus Parrot Australia, Papua NG 37 cm
Moluccan Eclectus Eclectus roratus Eclectus Parrot Moluccas 35 cm
Tanimbar/Riedel's Eclectus Eclectus riedeli Eclectus Parrot Tanimbar Islands 33 cm
Sumba/Cornelia's Eclectus Eclectus cornelia Eclectus Parrot Sumba Island 36 cm
Swift Parrot Lathamus discolor Parrot/ (Rosella) Australia: southeast 25cm
Red-capped Parrot Purpureicephalus spurius Parrot/ (Rosella) Australia: southwest 37 cm
Elegant Parrot Neophema elegans Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: south/southwest 23 cm
Blue-winged/Blue-banded Parrot/Parakeet Neophema chrysostoma Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: southeast 20 cm
Scarlet-chested/ Scarlet-breasted/ Splendid Parrot Neophema splendida Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: south 20 cm
Turquoise Parrot Neophema pulchella Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: eastern 20 cm
Hooded Parrot Psephotellus (prev. Psephotous) dissimilis Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: Northern Territory 26 cm
Golden-shouldered Parrot Psephotellus (prev. Psephotous) chrysopterygius Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: Queensland 26 cm
Red-rumped/ Red-backed/Grass Parrot Psephotus haematonotus Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: southeast 28 cm
Mulga/Many-coloured Parrot Psephotellus (prev. Psephotous) haematonotus Parrot/ Grass Parrot Australia: southern 27 cm
Red-winged Parrot Aprosmictus erythropterus Parrot Australia & Papua New Guinea 35 cm
Olive-shouldered/Jonquil Parrot Aprosmictus jonquillaceus Parrot East Timor, West Timor, Roti Is. 32 cm
Superb/ Barraband's Parrot/Parakeet Polytelis swainsonii Parrot Australia: southeast 40 cm
Regent Parrot/ Black-tailed Parakeet/Rock Pebbler Polytelis anthopeplus Parrot Australia: southwest/southeast 40 cm
Princess (of Wales)/Queen Alexandra Parrot/Parakeet Polytelis alexandrae Parrot Australia: central and western 45 cm
Port Lincoln Parrot/Australian Ringneck Barnardius zonarius/ Barnardius zonarius zonarius Parrot/Australian Ringneck Australia 33 cm
Mallee Ring-necked Parrot/Barnard's Parakeet Barnardius barnardi/ Barnardius zonarius barnardi Parrot/Australian Ringneck Australia: southeast 33 cm
Twenty-eight Parrot/Australian Ringneck Barnardius zonarius semitorquatus Parrot/Australian Ringneck Australia: Western 33 cm
Conclurry Parrot/Australian Ringneck Barnardius zonarius macgillivrayi Parrot/Australian Ringneck Australia: northern 33 cm
African Grey/ Congo African Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus erithacus Parrot Africa: west & central 33 cm
Timneh African Grey Parrot Psittacus (erithacus) timneh Parrot Africa: West 30 cm
Senegal Parrot Poicephalus senegalus Parrot Africa: West 23 cm
Meyer's Parrot Poicephalus meyeri Parrot Africa: sub-Sahara 21 cm
Red-bellied Parrot Poicephalus rufiventris Parrot Africa: East 23 cm
Brown-headed Parrot Poicephalus cryptoxanthus Parrot Africa: southeast 22 cm
Ruppell's Parrot Poicephalus rueppellii Parrot Africa: southwest 24 cm
Jardine's Parrot Poicephalus gulielmi Parrot Africa: central 28 cm
Cape Parrot Poicephalus robustus Parrot Africa: west/east 33 cm
Grey-headed Parrot (prev. Cape) Poicephalus suahelicus Parrot Africa: south 33 cm
Brown-necked Parrot (prev. Cape) Poicephalus fuscicollis Parrot Africa: west 33 cm
Vasa/ (Greater Vasa) Parrot Coracopsis vasa Parrot Madagascar/Indian Ocean west 46 cm
Black/ (Lesser Vasa) Parrot Coracopsis nigra Parrot Madagascar/Indian Ocean west 35 cm
Pesquet's Parrot Psittrichas fulgidus Parrot New Guinea 46 cm
Australian King Parrot Alisterus scapularis Parrot/ King Parrot Australia: eastern 43 cm
Papuan/Green-winged King Parrot Alisterus chloropterus Parrot/ King Parrot Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 36 cm
Moluccan King Parrot (incl. Ambon, Buru, Salawati,etc.) Alisterus amboinensis Parrot/ King Parrot Indonesia 36 cm
Crimson/(Red) Shining Parrot Prosopeia (tabuensis) splendens Parrot/ King Parrot Fiji 39 cm
Red/Maroon Shining Parrot Prosopeia tabuensis (taviunensis) Parrot/ King Parrot Fiji 45 cm
Blue-rumped Parrot Psittinus cyanurus Parrot Asia: Thailand, Borneo 18 cm
Blue-naped/Blue-crowned Green Parrot Tanygnathus lucionensis Parrot Asia: Philippines 31 cm
Blue-backed/Muller's Parrot Tanygnathus sumatranus Parrot Asia: Philippines/Indonesia 32 cm
Great-billed/Moluccan Parrot Tanygnathus megalorynchos Parrot Asia: Indonesia 38 cm
Large/Desmarest's (Golden-headed) Fig Parrot Psittaculirostris desmarestii Parrot/ Fig Parrot Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 18 cm
Salvadori's Fig Parrot Psittaculirostris salvadorii Parrot/ Fig Parrot Indonesia: Papua 19 cm
Edward's/Scarlet-cheeked Fig Parrot Psittaculirostris edwardsii Parrot/ Fig Parrot New Guinea 18 cm
Double-eyed/Red-faced/Blue-faced Fig Parrot Cyclopsitta/Opopsitta diophthalma Parrot/ Fig Parrot New Guinea/Australia 14 cm
Orange-breasted Fig Parrot Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii Parrot/ Fig Parrot Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 13 cm 
Philippine Hanging Parrot/Colasisi Loriculus philippensis Parrot/ Hanging Parrot Asia: Philippines 14 cm
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot Loriculus galgulus Parrot/ Hanging Parrot Asia: Thailand/Borneo 13 cm
Great/Sulawesi Hanging Parrot Loriculus stigmatus Parrot/ Hanging Parrot Asia: Indonesia 15 cm
Vernal/Indian/Green Hanging Parrot Loriculus vernalis Parrot/ Hanging Parrot Asia: South/Southeast 14 cm
Kea Nestor notabilis Parrot/ Kaka New Zealand: south 48 cm
Kaka Nestor meridionalis Parrot/ Kaka New Zealand 45 cm
Bourke's/Rosey Bourkes Parakeet/ Parrot Neopsephotus bourkii (prev. Neophema bourkii) Parrot/Parakeet Australia: SW/Central 19 cm
Horned Parakeet Eunymphicus cornutus Parakeet New Caledonia 32 cm
Uvea/Ouvea (Horned) Parakeet Eunymphicus (cornutus) uvaensis Parakeet Loyalty Islands 32 cm
Ring-necked/ Rose-ringed Parakeet Psittacula krameri Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) India/ Africa (subspecies) 40 cm
Alexandrine Parakeet Psittacula eupatria Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) India 58 cm
Derbyan/ Lord Derby's Parakeet Psittacula derbiana Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) India (Arunachal Pradesh)/China 50 cm
Moustached/ Red-breasted Parakeet Psittacula alexandri Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) Indonesia/India/China 33 cm
Malabar/ Blue-winged Parakeet Psittacula columboides Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) India, south 38 cm
Layard's/Emerald-collared Parakeet Psittacula calthorpae Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) Sri Lanka/Maldives 29cm
Blossom-headed Parakeet Psittacula roseata Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) Asia: south/southeast 30 cm
Plum-headed Parakeet Psittacula cyanocephala Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) Indian subcontinent 33 cm
Slaty-headed Parakeet Psittacula himalayana Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) Himalayan Pakistan/India/Tibet 40 cm
Grey-headed/Finsch's/Finsch's Slaty-headed Psittacula (himalayana) finschii Parakeet/ (Ring-necked/Long-tailed) Asia: southeast 36 cm
Red-crowned/fronted Parakeet/ Kakariki Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae Parakeet/ Kakariki New Zealand islands 27 cm
Yellow-crowned Parakeet/ Kakariki Cyanoramphus auriceps Parakeet/ Kakariki New Zealand 23 cm
Monk Parakeet/ Quaker Parrot Myiopsitta monachus Parakeet/ (Conure) South Am: Argentina/central 29 cm
Mountain Parakeet (incl. Red-billed) Psilopsiagon/(prev. Bolborhynchus) aurifrons Parakeet South America 18 cm
Sierra/ Aymara/ Grey-hooded Parakeet Psilopsiagon/(prev. Bolborhynchus) aymara Parakeet S. Am: Bolivia/NW Argentina 19 cm
Barred/Catherine Parakeet Bolborhynchus lineola Parakeet Central America/Northn S. Am 16 cm
Plain Parakeet Brotogeris tirica Parakeet South America: Brazil 23 cm
Orange-chinned/Tovi Parakeet Brotogeris jugularis Parakeet South/Central America 17.5 cm
Tui Parakeet Brotogeris sanctithomae Parakeet S. America: Amazon/Northern 17 cm
White-winged/(Canary-winged) Parakeet Brotogeris versicolurus Parakeet S. America: Amazon/Northern 22 cm
Yellow-chevroned/(Canary-winged) Parakeet Brotogeris chiriri/ Brotogeris versicolurus chirri Parakeet S. America: Amazon/Northern 22 cm
Golden-winged Parakeet Brotogeris chrysoptera /(chrysopterus) Parakeet S. America: Amazon/Northern 16.5 cm
Tuipara Parakeet Brotogeris chrysoptera tuipara Parakeet S. America: Northern Brazil 18 cm
Cobalt-winged Parakeet Brotogeris cyanoptera Parakeet S. America: Amazon/Northern 18 cm
Grey-cheeked/(Fire-winged) Parakeet Brotogeris pyrrhoptera/us Parakeet S. America: W. Ecuador/Peru 20 cm
Peach-faced Lovebird Agapornis roseicollis Lovebird Africa: southwest 15 cm
Fischer's Lovebird Agapornis fischeri Lovebird Africa: east 14 cm
Masked Lovebird Agapornis personata Lovebird Africa: east 14 cm
Black-cheeked Lovebird Agapornis nigrigenis Lovebird Africa: Zambia 14 cm
Black-winged/Abyssinian Lovebird Agapornis taranta Lovebird Africa: Ethiopia/Eritrea 16.5 cm
Nyasa/Lilian's Lovebird Agapornis lilianae Lovebird Africa: Malawi 13 cm
Grey-headed Lovebird Agapornis canus/cana Lovebird Africa: Madagascar 13 cm
Budgerigar (U.S.: "Parakeet") Melopsittacus undulatus Budgerigar/ Parakeet Australia 18 cm
Bluebonnet (Yellow-vented) Northiella/Psephotus haematogaster haematogaster Parrot/ Parakeet Australia: southeastern 30 cm
Red-vented Bluebonnet Northiella/Psephotus haematogaster haematorrhous Parrot/ Parakeet Australia: eastern 26 cm
Naretha Bluebonnet Northiella narethae Parrot/ Parakeet Australia: southern 28 cm
Crimson Rosella Platycercus elegans Rosella Australia: east & southeast 36 cm
Adelaide Rosella Platycercus (elegans) adelaidae/subadelaidae Rosella Australia: south 36 cm
Yellow Rosella Platycercus (elegans) flaveolus Rosella Australia: southeast 33 cm
Eastern Rosella Platycercus eximius Rosella Australia: southeast 30 cm
Green Rosella Platycercus caledonicus Rosella Australia: Tasmania 37 cm
Western/Stanley Rosella Platycercus icterotis Rosella Australia: southwest 26 cm
Northern Rosella Platycercus venustus Rosella Australia: northern 28 cm
Pale-headed Rosella Platycercus adscitus Rosella Australia: eastern 30 cm
Pacific/Celestial Parrotlet Forpus coelestis Parrotlet South America: Ecuador/Peru 13 cm
Blue-winged Parrotlet Forpus xanthopterygius Parrotlet South America: SE Brazil 12 cm
Turquoise-winged Parrotlet Forpus spengeli Parrotlet South America: N. Colombia 12 cm
Green-rumped Parrotlet Forpus passerinus Parrotlet South America 12 cm
Spectacled Parrotlet Forpus conspicillatus Parrotlet South America: Colombia 12 cm
Yellow-faced Parrotlet Forpus xanthops Parrotlet South America: Peru 14 cm
Chattering Lory Lorius garrulus Lory Indonesia 30 cm
Yellow-backed Lory/Lorikeet Lorius garrulus flavopalliatus Lory Indonesia 30 cm
Purple-bellied Lory Lorius hypoinochrous (hypoinochrous) Lory Papua New Guinea 26 cm
Purple-bellied Lory/Ferguson Island P-b Lory Lorius hypoinochrous devittatus Lory southeastern New Guinea 26 cm
Purple-naped Lory/Blue-thighed Lory Lorius domicellus /Lorius tibialis Lory Indonesia 28 cm
Black-capped Lory Lorius lory Lory Papua New Guinea 31 cm
Yellow-bibbed Lory Lorius chlorocercus Lory Solomon Islands 28 cm
Solitary/Collared Lory Phigys solitarius Lory Fiji 20 cm
Dusky Lory Pseudeos fuscata Lory Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 25 cm
Cardinal Lory Chalcopsitta cardinalis Lory Papua New Guinea/Solomon Is. 31 cm
Yellow-streaked Lory Chalcopsitta sintillata Lory Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 31 cm
Duivenbode's/ Brown Lory Chalcopsitta duivenbodei Lory Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 31 cm
Black Lory Chalcopsitta atra Lory Indonesia 32 cm
Black-winged Lory Eos cyanogenia Lory Indonesia 30 cm
Red Lory Eos bornea /Eos rubra Lory Indonesia: Moluccas 31 cm
Blue-eared Lory Eos semilarvata Lory Indonesia 24 cm
Blue-streaked/Blue-necked Lory Eos reticulata Lory Indonesia: Tanimbar Is. 31 cm
Red and Blue Lory Eos histrio talautensis Lory Indonesia: Talaud Islands 31 cm
Violet-necked Lory Eos squamata Lory Indonesia 26 cm
Blue-crowned Lory/ Lorikeet Vini australis Lory/Lorikeet Polynesia: Samoa/Tonga 19 cm
Tahitian Blue Lory/Lorikeet Vini peruviana Lory/Lorikeet Polynesia: Tahiti 18 cm
Mount Goliath (Papuan) Lorikeet Charmosyna papou goliathina Lory/ Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 43 cm
Josephine's Lory/ Lorikeet Charmosyna josefinae Lory/ Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 24 cm
Fairy Lorikeet Charmosyna pulchella Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 18 cm
Pleasing/ Red-flanked Lorikeet Charmosyna placentis Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 17 cm
Red-fronted Lorikeet Charmosyna rubronotata Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 17 cm
Ornate Lorikeet Trichoglossus ornatus Lorikeet Indonesia: Sulawesi 25 cm
Rainbow Lorikeet (Swainson's) Trichoglossus (haematodus) moluccanus Lorikeet Australia/Polynesia/Indonesia 27 cm
Red-collared Lorikeet (ex Rainbow) Trichoglossus (haematodus) rubritorquis Lorikeet Australia: northeastern 29 cm
Green-naped Lorikeet (Rainbow) Trichoglossus haematodus haematodus Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 26 cm
Pale-headed Lorikeet (Rainbow) Trichoglossus haematodus caeruleiceps Lorikeet southern New Guinea 26 cm
Deplanche's Lorikeet (Rainbow) Trichoglossus haematodus deplanchii Lorikeet New Caledonia/ Loyalty Is. 26 cm
Coconut/Massena Lorikeet (Rainbow) Trichoglossus haematodus massena Lorikeet New Guinea (east)/Solomon Is 26 cm
Edward's/Marigold Lorikeet (ex Rainbow) Trichoglossus (haematodus) capistratus Lorikeet Timor 26 cm
Rosenberg's Lorikeet (ex Rainbow) Trichoglossus (haematodus) rosenbergii Lorikeet Indonesia: Biak Is. 28 cm
Forsten's/Sunset/Red-breasted Lorikeet (ex Rainbow) Trichoglossus (ex haematodus) forsteni forsteni Lorikeet Indonesia: Sumbawa 23 cm
Stresemann's Lorikeet (ex Rainbow) Trichoglossus forsteni(ex haematodus) stresemanni Lorikeet Indonesia: Kalaotoa 26 cm
Mitchell's Lorikeet (ex Rainbow) Trichoglossus forsteni(/haematodus) mitchellii Lorikeet Indonesia: Bali/Lombok 24 cm
Leaf/Flores/Weber's Lorikeet (prev. Rainbow) Trichoglossus (haematodus) weberi Lorikeet Indonesia: Flores 23 cm
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus Lorikeet Australia: eastern 23 cm
Perfect/ Olive-headed Lorikeet Trichoglossus euteles Lorikeet Timor 24 cm
Mount Apo/ Mindanao Lorikeet Trichoglossus johnstoniae Lorikeet Philippines: Mindanao 20 cm
Citrine/Yellow and Green Lorikeet Trichoglossus flavoviridis flavoviridis Lorikeet Indonesia: Sula Islands 20 cm
Meyer's Lorikeet Trichoglossus flavoviridis meyeri Lorikeet Indonesia: Sulawesi 18 cm
Goldie's Lorikeet Psitteuteles (Trichoglossus) goldiei Lorikeet New Guinea 19 cm
Iris Lorikeet Saudareos (Psitteuteles/Trichoglossus) iris Lorikeet Indonesia 20 cm
Purple-crowned Lorikeet Parvipsitta/Glossopsitta porphyrocephala Lorikeet Australia: southern 15 cm
Musk Lorikeet Glossopsitta concinna Lorikeet Australia: eastern/south-central 22 cm
Musschenbroek's/ Yellow-billed Lorikeet Neopsittacus musschenbroekii Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 23 cm
Emerald/Orange-billed Lorikeet Neopsittacus pullicauda Lorikeet Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 18 cm
Whiskered/Plum-faced Lorikeet Oreopsittacus arfaki Lorikeet New Guinea 15 cm
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Cacatua galerita Cockatoo Australia/ New Guinea

55 cm

Triton Cockatoo Cacatua galerita triton Cockatoo Papua New Guinea

46 cm

Lesser Sulphur-crested/ Yellow-crested Cacatua sulphurea Cockatoo Indonesia/East Timor

35 cm

Orange-crested/ Citron-crested Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata Cockatoo Indonesia - Sumba 33 cm
Umbrella/White Cockatoo Cacatua alba Cockatoo Indonesia: north Maluku

46 cm

Blue-eyed Cockatoo Cacatua ophthalmica Cockatoo Papua New Guinea/Solomon Is. 50 cm
Ducorps'/ Solomons Cockatoo Cacatua ducorpsii/(Lophochroa goffini/C. tanimberensis) Cockatoo Solomon Islands

31 cm

Goffin's Cockatoo/Tanimbar Corella Cacatua goffini/goffiniana Cockatoo Indonesia: Tanimbar Islands

31 cm

Bare-eyed/ Little Corella Cockatoo Cacatua sanguinea Cockatoo Australia/ New Guinea

39 cm

Long-billed Corella/ Cockatoo Cacatua tenuirostris Cockatoo Australia: eastern 40 cm
Western (Long-billed) Cockatoo Cacatua pastinator Cockatoo Australia: western

41 cm

Red-vented/Philippine Cockatoo (Kalangay) Cacatua haematuropygia Cockatoo Philippines: Palawan, Rasa

31 cm

Salmon-crested/ Moluccan Cockatoo Cacatua moluccensis Cockatoo Indonesia

50 cm

Pink/ Major Mitchell's/ Leadbeater's Cockatoo Lophochroa leadbeateri Cockatoo Australia

40 cm

Rose-breasted/ Galah Cockatoo Eolophus roseicapilla Cockatoo Australia

35 cm

Gang-gang Cockatoo Callocephalon fimbriatum Cockatoo Australia: southeast

37 cm

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus banksii (prev.magnificus) Cockatoo Australia

60 cm

Glossy Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami Cockatoo Australia: eastern 50 cm
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus/Zanda funereus Cockatoo Australia: east/southeast

65 cm

Baudin's Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus/Zanda baudinii Cockatoo Australia: southwest 60 cm
Carnaby's Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus/Zanda latirostris Cockatoo Australia: southwest 55 cm
Palm/ Goliath Cockatoo Probosciger aterrimus Cockatoo Australia (north)/ New Guinea

60 cm

Cockatiel Nymphicus hollandicus Cockatoo/ (Parakeet) Australia

30 cm