Alexandrine Parakeet Psittacula eupatria

Alexandrine Parakeet male
Alexandrine Parakeet male
The Alexandrine Parakeet/Parrot, named after Alexander the Great who took many of them from India to Europe, is similar to a large Ring-necked Parakeet. It is about a third larger (58-60 cm length depending on subspecies) than the Ringneck (some 40-42 cm), has an over-sized, all-red bill with light orange tip and it also has a dark pink/red "shoulder" patch. The male has a wider neck ring.
Alexandrine Parakeet female
female Alexandrine Parakeet - Just a tiny grape?
The female and juvenile Alexandrine Parakeets do not have the black/pink ringed neck and are duller in colour. Even as a fledgling, the Alexandrine has the red "shoulder" patch on its wing.
Alexandrine Parakeet
female Alexandrine
The long tail, as long as the head and body - longer on adult males than on females.
Alexandrine Parakeet photography
Alexandrine Parakeet photographer
Hobbies include photography . . .
Alexandrine Parakeet with camera
Alexandrine Parakeet . . . and stealing fruit.
Alexandrines The male (pink neck ring) should have a longer tail than the females. Maybe moulting or juvenile.
Siamese Alexandrine Siamese subspecies P. e. siamensis
Siamese Alexandrine Pinky orange feet
There are several subspecies across its range. Above centre and right is the Siamese Alexandrine, native to northeast Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. It is the smallest subspecies, has pale blue higher on its crown and has pinky orange legs and feet rather than grey.
feral Alexandrine Parakeet
feral Alexandrine Parakeet
This Alexandrine Parakeet is feral with a group of parakeets in Stanmore, NW London. Superficially similar to the related Ring-necked Parakeets which have colonised NW London, the Alexandrines are larger, noisier, have the pink patch on their "shoulders", no pink eye ring, and an all-red beak (top and lower) visibly larger than that of the Ring-necks.
feral Alexandrine Parakeet
feral Alexandrine Parakeet
What looks like a yellow eye-ring is a yellow-white iris with grey eye-ring. Some of the feral group may be Ringnecks.