Moustached/Red-breasted Parakeet Psittacula alexandri

Moustached Parakeet male
Moustached Parakeet
The Moustached Parakeet, also called the Red-breasted Parakeet, (scientific name confusingly Psittacula alexandri although the related Alexandrine Parakeet is a different species) is native to Indonesia, India and the Himalayas/China, with feral populations in some Indian cities. There are several subspecies in different islands/regions.
Moustached Parakeet angel
Moustached Parakeet
Moustached Parakeet
The adult male generally has more strongly-coloured plumage than the female and a longer tail. In some subspecies his upper and lower bill is red (nominal, Dammermann, Kangean) and in some the lower bill is black (Andaman, Indian, Babi, Nias, Simeuluean). The beak of the female is wholly black in several subspecies.
Indian Moustached Parakeet
Moustached Parakeet
Indian Moustached Parakeet
The Moustached Parakeet is similar to the Derbyan Parakeet (link below). They are closely related.
Moustached Parakeet The golden shoulder ("take my advice")
A heart A heart
A smile A smile and frown together
Javan Moustached Parakeets
Andaman Moustached Parakeet male
Andaman Moustached Parakeet female
The nominate subspecies, from Java, above left, with full red beak, is said to be close to extinction in the wild. The Andaman Moustached, above centre, Psittacula alexandri abbotti, from the Andaman Islands, has slight variations in plumage. The upper beak of the adult female is fully black; the female shown (above right) is in transition from the horn-coloured beak of the juvenile to black.
Moustached Parakeet salute The salute
Moustached Parakeet
Moustached Parakeet
Dammerman's Moustached Parakeet above, Psittacula alexandri dammermani, is from the Karimundjawa Islands, Indonesia. Both male and female have fully pink upper and lower beaks.
Moustached Parakeet Black lower beak
Moustached parakeet Red lower beak; less extensive pink breast
Moustached parakeet The full tail
Moustached Parakeet
Moustached parakeet and Alexandrine Psittacula alexandri with Alexandrine psittacula
Moustached parakeet