Rosenberg's Lorikeet Trichoglossus (prev. haematodus) rosenbergii

Rosenberg's Lorikeet
Rosenberg's Lorikeet
Rosenberg's Lorikeet is a "Rainbow" lorikeet, previously classed as a subspecies of T. haematodus. It has a dark head flecked with blue, a very different wide bright yellow nape flecked with red, red breast with heavy black feather edges, black stomach and pale yellow thighs with a little green flecking. The nape is quite different in appearance to the other Rainbow Lorikeets. A deep orange bar on the open wing in Rosenberg's compares to a yellow bar on open wings of all other Rainbow Lorikeets. Rosenberg's is native to Biak Island, Irian Jaya, Indonesia and is also known as the Biak Lorikeet.
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