Non-European Dragonflies various species in no particular order

Adjutant or Dasher, Singapore
This dragonfly, also in Singapore, is either a Pond Adjutant, Aethriamanta gracilis, or the slightly larger Blue Dasher, Brachydiplax chalybea, with a brown flank to its thorax.
Variegated Green Skimmer
Variegated Green Skimmer
The Variegated Green Skimmer, Orthetrum sabina, is native to South and Southeast Asia (this one in Singapore). It is also said to occur in Asia Minor (and European Turkey), where it is known as the Slender Skimmer.
Red Dragonfly Singapore An unidentified red dragonfly in Singapore
Fulvous Forest Skimmer male The Fulvous Forest Skimmer, Neurothemis fulvia, occurs in India and Indochina. The males are red, females and juveniles brown. Thanks to Tony Clancy for this example.
Red Thai-Camb-Viet Thanks to Tony Clancy again for this unidentified red dragonfly in Indochina.
Damselfly Kazakhstan
Damselfly Kazakhstan
These damselflies are thought to be the Siberian/Central Asian subspecies of the Common Blue, Enallagma cyathigerum risi. The blue is likely a blue form of female (a little greenish and not a full blue tail) and the other a greenish female, both in southeast Kazakhstan.
Dragonfly Costa Rica
Thanks to Alexandra Makhnina for this dragonfly in Costa Rica.