Rock, Stock and Feral: the Feral/Town Pigeon Columba livia domestica

The Feral or common Town Pigeon, also called Feral Dove and domestic Dove (there is no genetic difference between a Pigeon and a Dove), is descended from the wild Rock Dove. Feral Pigeon genes have been diluted by domestic breeding for homing/racing/message-carrying/fancy plumage and other traits and the feral escapees and hybrids now common worldwide, particularly in cities, come in various patterns and colours. Rock Dove ancestry shows in the basic pale grey plumage with iridescent green and purple neck and two black wing bars.

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Pigeon Common Town/Feral Pigeon
Rock Dove Rock Dove
Stock Dove Stock Dove
Pigeon colours Pigeon Colours and Patterns
Pigeons in our cities Pigeons in Major Cities
Anti-pigeon Spikes Anti-pigeon Spikes
Racing Pigeons Racing/Homing Pigeons
White Doves White Doves
Fancy pigeon breeds Fancy Pigeon Breeds
Pigeon courting Courtship
Pigeons sharing a bath Sharing a bath
Pigeons feeding Feeding (eating and drinking)
Pigeons and Doves are different to other birds in two key respects: -- like mammals, they feed a kind of "milk" to their newly-hatched chicks, called crop milk it is not actually milk but a white creamy fluid produced in the adult bird's crop (throat). -- when drinking, they keep their beak under water and suck up fluid rather than having to raise their head to swallow each beak-full.