Rock Dove (/Pigeon) Colomba livia

Pigeon FERAL PIGEON with Rock Dove-type plumage
The Rock Dove is the wild ancestor of the common town pigeon. The Feral Pigeon genes have been diluted by domestic breeding for homing/racing/message carrying/fancy plumage and other traits and the feral escapees and hybrids now common worldwide, particularly in cities, come in various patterns and colours. True Rock Doves, also called Rock Pigeons, are increasingly rare as wild pigeons hybridise with feral and pure Rock Doves are usually on rocky offshore outposts away from human settlements (in UK, mostly off Scotland). The Rock Dove looks like a pale grey pigeon with iridescent green and purple neck and two black wing bars. It has a smaller cere (white on nostrils), bright red feet, a white patch on upper rump and pale grey lower rump.
Rock Dove It also has a slightly darker grey tail which, when spread as above, reveals white side edges as well as a black border. The bird above living on an offshore colony with Rock Doves has the same outward appearance but no white patch on its lower back/upper rump, so it is not pure.
Pigeon The bird above has an over-large white cere (on beak above nostril), pink legs/feet and is in a town garden. It is a Feral Pigeon showing its ancestral plumage pattern.
Pigeon/ Another hybrid near the Rock Dove colony -- a few dispersed white spots rather than the white patch
hybrids These live on the offshore outcrop said to be Rock Doves but the one on the left has feral hybrid plumage . . .
hybrids even though it has a small white patch on its lower back.
Pigeon Another feral pigeon showing Rock Dove type plumage including the white on the lower back and the black bar on end of tail