Sika Deer Cervus nippon

Sika Deer
Sika Deer hind
Sika Deer, also called Japanese Sika, are native to Japan. They used to be more widespread in the Far East and some remain in China/Taiwan. There are feral populations in UK and elsewhere. Related to Red Deer, with whom they can and do interbreed, they are spotted like the Fallow Deer but larger and darker and the stag has antlers like the Red Deer rather than like the Fallow.
Sika Deer
Sika hinds
Sika stag
Dark Sika stag with harem of Sika hinds
Sika stag and hind Sika stag with Sika hind. - Lower white bar on dark-faced hind is angled near hind leg.
Sika stag with Axis hinds Sika stag with Axis hinds in background. - Lower white bar on Axis hind is straight.
Sika and Axis deer Sika hinds (females) with Axis hinds in background.