Common Eland Taurotragus oryx

Eland antelope
Eland cow
The Common Eland is native to grasslands of eastern and southern Africa. One of the tallest antelopes (together with the Giant Eland), males reach 5 feet at the shoulder.
Common Eland bull Eland bull
Eland cow Eland cow
Eland calf Eland calf
Both male and female adults have twisted horns. The young are striped and adults of two of the three subspecies have some light stripes.
Common Eland
The Common Eland has slightly twisted, grooved horns (the Giant Eland from Central and West Africa has most twisted horns) and has bold, black half-garters on the front legs. Those above are the Eastern subspecies which keep light stripes as adults.
Cape Eland
Common Eland
Common Eland
The Cape Eland, above left, also called the Southern Eland, is a subspecies of the Common Eland native to southern Africa. It loses the stripes on its coat as an adult.
Cape Eland calf
Common Eland calf
Common Eland
Common Eland calves.