Moorhen Gallinula chloropus

The Moorhen, also called the Common Moorhen, Common Waterhen and Marsh Hen, is a type of "rail" like Coots and Gallinules. It lives near water (not only on moorland), and is common throughout most global temperate zones.
Love at first sight Love at first sight
Moorhen pair Male and female have similar appearance; both are called "MoorHENS"
Moorhen pair So I said to him . . .
Moorhen The back and wings are dark chocolate brown rather than black, the yellow legs have a red garter above the knee
Tiptoe and the white under-tail is a giveaway (often raised as a warning).
Big feet They have amazingly big feet.
Moorhen ice-skating
Moorhen in tree
Hobbies include ice-skating
Moorhen in tree and tree climbing
Moorhen in tree High up in a birch tree
Moorhen in tree High up in a fir tree