Red Lechwe Kobus leche

Lechwe Waterbuck male
Red Lechwe female herd
Southern Lechwe Waterbuck female
The Lechwe Waterbuck, also called the Red or Southern Lechwe or just Lechwe, is native to southern Africa. Waterbucks are African water-/marsh-loving antelopes. An oily secretion waterproofs their legs. They generally live in large, single-sex herds. There are three subspecies. Shown above left is the male and above right is the female of the nominal Red Lechwe subspecies.
Lechwe Waterbuck female
Lechwe Waterbuck female
White Southern Lechwe Waterbuck male
Although called the Red Lechwe, some have a white gene. The white variant is unlikely to live for long in the wild.
Lechwe Waterbuck male Male of nominal subspecies Red Lechwe
Lechwe Waterbuck male herd Herd of males (Red Lechwe)
Lechwe Waterbuck male Vulnerable Kafue Flats flood plain subspecies from Zambia
The male Lechwe has large, upward-curved horns. In addition to three living subspecies, another two are recently extinct; the extinctions are mainly due to hunting for "sport" and horns.
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