Nile Lechwe Waterbuck Kobus megaceros

Nile Lechwe male
Nile Lechwe
Nile Lechwe female
The Nile Lechwe is a waterbuck native to Nile flood plains of Sudan and Ethiopia.
Nile Lechwe
Nile Lechwe
Nile Lechwe
They live in herds consisting of a dominant male, females and juveniles. Other males are solitary or in bachelor groups. Male waterbucks are larger and darker than females and have horns.
Nile Lechwe Females are smaller, lighter and don't have horns.
Nile Lechwe Juvenile male
Nile Lechwe Juvenile female
Survival of this species, like other Waterbucks, is endangered. The population has fallen by over 50% in the last 15 years through continued habitat loss, trophy hunting and competition with domestic cattle.
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