Grey Heron Ardea cinerea

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Grey Heron The Grey Heron is a common waterside predator over much of Eurasia, eating fish, crustaceans, amphibians, small mammals and small birds.
Heron called Frank "Frank!" (all Grey Herons are called Frank, -- listen to them call each other)
Rubberneck Rubberneck
Heron doing Cruella de Ville impression Parent and child
Grey heron Young Heron
Grey heron Adult Heron
Grey heron He's got a neck, fishing here
Grey heron
Grey heron
Grey heron
Grey heron Adult Grey Heron (white head/neck, black eyebrows/pigtail, yellow bill)
Young Grey heron Young Heron; unlike humans, with herons it's the young who have the grey heads.
Grey heron
Grey heron in flight In flight the heron usually has its neck tucked in (unlike cranes, storks and ibises which fly with their necks outstretched).
Grey heron in flight
Grey heron nest Herons usually nest high in trees, often in colonies of other herons.