Bewick's Swan Cygnus (columbianus) bewickii

Bewick's swan
Bewick's Swan
There are two "Tundra" swans, Cygnus columbianus: the one usually called either the Tundra Swan or the Whistling Swan, C. columbianus species or C. columbianus columbianus subspecies/race and the one usually called Bewick's Swan, C. bewickii species or C. columbianus bewickii subspecies. As with all swans, there is little difference in appearance between the male Bewick (cob, above left) and the female (pen, above right), although the former is usually slightly larger.
Bewick's Swan
Bewick's Swan
Bewick's Swan
Bewick's has far more yellow on its bill than the Tundra, about a quarter of the bill, is slightly smaller and breeds in Siberia and winters in western Europe (the Tundra or Whistling Swan, has an almost fully black bill with a small yellow patch of varying size and breeds in arctic/sub-arctic Canada/Alaska and winters in North America; the Whistling Swan doesn't whistle but has a high-pitched honk similar to the Bewick and is significantly smaller than the American Trumpeter swan, the latter having an all black bill and a trumpeting sound similar to the Eurasian Whooper Swan). All four, in size order Trumpeter, Whooper, Tundra/Whistling and Bewick's, are known as "Arctic" swans.
Bewick's Swan tongue
Bewick's Swan bill
Bewicks Swan head
Bewick's Swan is smaller than the Whooper, but the main visual difference is the amount and pattern of yellow on the bill. In the Bewick well over half and up to three-quarters of the beak is black with black surrounding the nostrils; the yellow joins the black in a fairly flat, obtuse and slightly ragged line, in contrast to the Whooper which has well over half yellow, forming an acute angle below the nostril (see links at foot of page).
Bewick's Swan juvenile
Bewick's Swan juvenile
Bewicks Swan juvenile
Juveniles above.
Bewick's Swan
Bewick's Swan
Swan Lake Bewick Swan shading cygnet ("I could have danced in Swan Lake ballet")
Mute swan bill Mute swan
Whooper swan bill Whooper (yellow forms acute angle)
Bewick  swan bill Bewick's (smaller, less yellow, more black)
Tundra swan bill Tundra (North American) can have more yellow on beak or can have all black beak like the larger Trumpeter swan
Black swan bill Black (Australian)
Black-necked swan bill Black-necked (South American)
Coscoroba swan bill Coscoroba (South American) - more like a goose
Trumpeter swan bill Trumpeter (world's largest swan)
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