Mute Swan Cygnus olor

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Mute Swan
Mute Swan
The Mute Swan is not mute but is less vocal than other swans. A large, white swan, it is distinguishable by its red/orange bill with a black knob on top.
Mute Swan
Mute Swan
Mute Swan
Native to Eurasia, it is one of the heaviest flying birds with females at some 15kg; the American Trumpeter swan is larger, but the Mute swan holds the record for being heaviest at 23kg.
The Dambuster The dambuster
Mute Swan head Mute swan head
Swan bath The bath
Vindaloo Shouldn't have eaten that vindaloo last night
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whooper swan head Whooper (yellow extends to nostril)
bewick swan head Bewick's (smaller, less yellow, more black)
tundra swan head Tundra (North American) can have more yellow on beak or can have all black beak like the Trumpeter
Black swan head Black (Australian)
Black-necked swan head Black-necked (South American)
Coscoroba swan head Coscoroba (South American) - more like a goose
Trumpeter swan head Trumpeter (North American), world's largest
African China swan goose head Swan goose (African china goose)
Chinese goose head Swan goose (Chinese goose)
Comb duck head Comb duck  (South American)
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