Common Frog Rana temporaria

Common Frog
Common Frog in my garden
The Common Frog is, as its name suggests, the most common frog that you are likely to see in Britain and in Europe/Asia. It is not present in the far south of Europe.
It has a dark patch behind its eye and usually a broken, upside-down V shape on its upper back.
Frog in the hand
Common Frog
Common Frog
The colour of the Common Frog varies from brown/grey to olive green; the pattern varies from spots to broken stripes. The underside is light.
Frog Common Frogs hibernate in the coldest months.
Common Frog Dartmoor The back feet are partially webbed.
Young frog Young frog by Terry Hobbs
Frogspawn - common frog Frogspawn, also spelled frog spawn (frog eggs).
Frog in frog spawn Frog with spawn, photo by Laurence Bard of Pond Life
Common Frog Tadpole
Common Frog Tadpoles
The tadpoles that hatch from the spawn are entirely aquatic and initially have no legs. The back legs develop followed by the front ones and the tail recedes until they are tiny frogs.