various Tortrix Moths Tortrix moths are small and often bell-shaped

Chequered Fruit-tree tortrix moth
Pandemis corylana moth
Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix, Pandemis corylana, has an attractive chequered pattern on a buff/yellow background. It is one of several "Fruit-tree" tortrices, indicating the caterpillars' food choice. Wingspan 18-21mm; UK flight time Jul-Sep.
Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix, Pandemis heparana, 16-24mm, Jun-Aug, its larva is a leaf roller (rolls a leaf around itself).
Dark Fruit-tree tortrix The Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix is similar to the Barred below with a reddish-brown base colour and a darker mantle and bar,
Dark Fruit-tree tortrix but the top of the central bar doesn't follow a smooth V shape -it has a raised projection then an accelerated V drop.
Barred Fruit-tree tortrix Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, Pandemis cerasana, has a smooth V shaped top of bar like the shape of the Chequered FTT above.
lozotaenia Lozotaenia fosterana, one of the largest tortrices, wingspan 20-29mm; UK flight time Jun-Jul.
Pea moth The Pea Moth, Cydia nigricana, 12-16mm, flies day and night. As expected by its name, the caterpillars eat peas (in pods).
Variegated Golden Tortrix
Variegated Golden Tortrix
Archips xylosteana
Variegated Golden Tortrix, Archips xylosteana, is certainly variegated but not very golden (with mm measuring tape). Wingspan 15-23mm; UK flight time Jun-Aug.
Rhomboid Tortrix
Rhomboid Tortrix
The unmistakable shape of the Rhomboid Tortrix, Acleris rhombana, although the shape is not a rhomboid.
Wingspan 13-19mm; UK flight time Aug-Oct.
Maple Button Acleris forsskaleana
Acleris forsskaleana, a tortrix with a mesh pattern also called the Maple Button. Wingspan 12-17mm; UK flight Jun-Aug.
Carnation Tortrix
Carnation Tortrix
The Carnation Tortrix, Cacoecimorpha pronubana, has a brown top but orange under-wings. UK flight time May-Sep.
The male (above) is much smaller (14-17mm wingspan) and has different (darker) markings than the female (18-24mm).
Apotomis betuletana
Apotomis betuletana, a tortrix that mimics bird-dropping to deter predators; caterpillar is a leaf roller feeding on birch.
Hollyhock seed moth
Hollyhock seed moth
The Hollyhock seed moth, Pexicopia malvella. Wingspan 17-20mm; UK flight time Jun-Aug.
Aethes rubigana
Aethes rubigana, a pretty tortrix moth. Wingspan 15-19mm; UK flight time Jun-Aug.