Fox/Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

Red Fox juvenile in garden
The Red Fox usually has a red-brown coat with a white-tipped bushy tail. It has a native range across the northern hemisphere.
Fox Black lower legs. Male - called a dog fox.
Fox with red coat and black ears Black-backed ears.
Red Fox male with white-tipped tail The tail is called a brush.
The red summer coat with black backs to ears, black markings on front of legs, white throat and chest and a white-tipped tail.
Fox silvery winter coat
Red-silver Fox in garden
Fox in my garden
The winter coat has a silvery-grey wash. This suburban fox is a regular in my garden.
Red Fox with black-tipped tail
Fox with black-tipped tail
Fox with black-tipped tail
Sometimes the tail tip is black and, rarely, the whole coat is black or white (in other countries it can also be honey-coloured).
Red Fox
Sly Fox
In sly mode. Eyes can be yellowy-green or amber-brown. Primarily a carnivore (eating mainly rodents but also birds and even worms), it will eat fruit/vegetables.
Fox female ragged tail
The female Red Fox is called a vixen (this one has a ragged tail: cubs have used the tail as toy).
Red Fox
Red Fox male November
Vixen feeding cubs
Three different individuals in my London garden: a dog fox in November and December and a vixen in May who, by the look of her belly, is feeding young cubs.