Gorilla Gorilla gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla male
Western Lowland Gorilla male
There are two species of Gorilla with unconnected habitats, the Western Gorilla from west central Africa and the Eastern Gorilla (includes the subspecies Mountain Gorilla) from eastern central Africa. Both have two subspecies. The Eastern Gorilla generally has a darker, thicker coat, especially the Mountain subspecies, but overall appearance is similar.
Western Lowland Gorilla male head
Western Lowland Gorilla male face
Pictures on this page are entirely of the Western Lowland Gorilla (with the fun trinominal name Gorilla gorilla gorilla).
Silverback Gorilla
Adult male gorillas, called Silverbacks, can reach nearly 6 feet tall and adult females nearly 5 feet.
The Thinker The Thinker
Silverback Another thinker
Silverback The silver back
Western Lowland Gorilla
young male Gorilla with oak
Gorillas share some 98% of their DNA with humans.
Its her big toe
No, she is female and it's her thumb (big toe).
Old Gorilla
He loses his hair as he gets old.
young female Western Gorilla
juvenile Gorilla
Female Western Lowland Gorilla
Gorillas live in family groups with a dominant breeding male.