Honey Bee Re-homing Apis mellifera

Rescued Honey Bees in cardboard box
Honey Bees tipped onto sheet n front of new hive
Feral Honey Bees rescued by Clive are transported in a cardboard box, tightly packed around their queen. They are tipped gently on a white sheet in front of their intended home.
Honey Bees swarm towards hive
Honey Bees swarm into hive
The bees spread out, still guarding their queen, their scouts quickly identify the safe home and the colony slowly moves towards it.
Nearly all re-housed
Nearly all re-housed
Honey Bees in new home
Honey Bees in hive
Settled in to new home
Feral honey
Footnote: feral Honey Bees living in trees can be dangerous.
Feral honey
Feral honey
Feral Honey Bees in houses over the years can build up a lot of heavy, sticky, unwanted, seeping honey and comb.