(European Dark/Black) Honey Bee Apis mellifera mellifera

European Dark Honey Bee
Black Honey Bee
The European Dark or the Black Honey Bee, shown on this page, is the original wild honey bee of the UK and much of central Europe.
The subspecies Italian Honey Bee, shown on a separate page, is the most usual bee in domesticated beehives and feral colonies in the UK.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee
Those shown on this page are workers, shown here with full pollen baskets on their thighs.
Honey Bee
Taking water or minerals.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee
Honey Bee
The honey bee is well-known for its structured and communicative social lifestyle.
Honey Bee with sugary resin or gum from tree
Honey Bee with resin or gum from tree
Honey Bees with resin or gum from tree
These bees are filling their pollen baskets with a sugary resin or gum excreted by this tree between wood and bark on a sawn area.
Honey Bees
Honey Bee on cactus flower
Busy Bee on bizzy flower