Great Mormon Butterfly Female Forms Papilio memnon

Great Mormon female tailless dark body Tailless, black-bodied, dark wings
Great Mormon underside polymnestoroides form Underside of polymnestoroides, a Blue Mormon mimic?
Great Mormon Butterfly female Red around eye-spots, yellow body and thick black rounded veins
Great Mormon Butterfly female tailed
Great Mormon Butterfly female tailed
Tailed, grey forewings (above left has white inner patches), yellow body and hind wings with white, black and orange
Great Mormon Butterfly female tailed
Tailed, grey forewings, yellow on body and hind wings
Great Mormon Butterfly female Tailed(?), white-streaked forewings, hind wings with red; like Scarlet Mormon female plus white on hind wings
Great Mormon female dark forewings Tailless, black forewings, white hind wings
Great Mormon dark hind wings Tailless, dark hind wings, white on forewings
Great Mormon and Monarch butterflies Size comparison with Monarch butterfly
Head of Great Mormon Butterfly The head
Some of the above may be the very similar Great Yellow Mormon, also called the Asian/Sunset Swallowtail - see link below.