Comma Butterfly Polygonia c-album

Comma butterfly Freshly-emerged, early season Comma (yellow spots in orange border)
Comma butterfly April colouring (form hutchinsoni)
faded Comma butterfly Late season Comma (orange background in black border)
Comma butterfly July colouring
Comma butterfly
Comma butterfly
The Comma butterfly is instantly recognisable by its "ragged" wing outline, - photos downgraded for internet
Comma butterfly side The side view shows the white "comma" mark that gives the butterfly its name
Comma Above: Comma butterfly by Bob Clark (on his finger)
Comma butterfly side
Comma butterfly under-wing
The new generation that will complete its life cycle in the same year has a lighter underside wing and those that are destined to hibernate through the winter and fly the following year are darker; both well-camouflaged as a dead leaf. Males have a more variegated underside and females a plainer one.
Comma caterpillar
Link to Comma caterpillar (link not yet active)

Southern Comma Butterfly Polygonia egea

Southern Comma butterfly The Southern Comma prevalent in Mediterranean Europe is less-patterned with fewer spots and less-angular wings. The white mark on the underside is more like a Y than a comma.