Wren Troglodytes troglodytes

A small brown bird, the Wren, also called Eurasian Wren, is common but secretive, foraging for insects in the undergrowth. Shown here with characteristic upturned tail. It is native to most of Europe, part of North Africa and part of Asia. It is not Britain's/Europe's smallest bird, - see Goldcrest link below.
Wren Tail up
Dishevelled wren Dishevelled
Wren Recomposed
Insectivorous, Wrens will eat spiders' webs in winter when insects are in short supply.
Wren with ostrich egg Wren with Ostrich egg: "The Cuckoo's been again."
Wren calling The Wren has a remarkably loud voice for its size
Wren singing and uses it to call for a mate and to warn of danger.
Wren catching hoverfly Wren catching hoverfly.
Wren with fly Wren with hoverfly.
Wren hunting insects Wren hunting insects.
Wren with hair Wren with upturned tail again
Wren tail and again.
Wren and Dunnock Wren and Dunnock size comparison.