Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea

Grey Wagtails - male and female
Grey Wagtail
Pair of Grey Wagtails, the male (top and right) with the stronger yellow chest and rump and the female with a paler lemon yellow; both with grey head and back.
Grey Wagtail male The male (above) has a dark chin in the breeding season (and white when non-breeding).
Grey Wagtail male Male with fly
Grey Wagtail male
Grey Wagtail male
Grey Wagtails can be confused with Yellow and Citrine Wagtails (which have more yellow on their belly, no white flank, and sometimes yellow face/head/chin, and the former an olive-yellow back).
Grey Wagtail female The female Grey Wagtail (above) has a white chin all year.
Grey Wagtail female The male has a white chin outside the breeding season.
Grey Wagtail female She also has a paler yellow chest and rump than the male.
Grey Wagtail female Walking on water-lily leaves is typical of all wagtails in the hunt for aquatic insects.
Juvenile Grey Wagtail
Juvenile Grey Wagtail
Juvenile Grey Wagtail
The juvenile Grey Wagtail (above) has no, or very little, yellow on its chest and is easier to confuse with juvenile Yellow/Citrine/Blue-headed and even White/Pied Wagtails.