House Sparrow Passer domesticus

House Sparrow male The male House Sparrow has well-defined markings, including black eye liner and a "bib". The Northern European variety has grey on top of his head.
House Sparrow female The female House Sparrow, like many female songbirds, is much plainer. She has a pale creamy-brown stripe leading back from her eye.
Sparrow song They are vocal birds constantly chattering to each other.
Sparrow sheep This is a Sparrow crossed with a sheep.
House Sparrow male
House Sparrow male
House sparrow male
The male's beak turns to black and the chin/bib become blacker in breeding plumage.
House Sparrow female
House Sparrows female
House Sparrow female
House Sparrow
House Sparrows
House Sparrow
The interesting thing about these sparrows is that they live in central Madrid but are northern House Sparrows (with grey crowns) not Spanish Sparrows (see below).
House Sparrow female She also lives in Madrid but is not a Spanish Sparrow.
House Sparrow He lives in London; beak and bib are non-breeding season.
House Sparrow Another Cockney Sparrow, this time breeding male
House Sparrow juvenile Juvenile with telltale yellow mouth where beak begins
young House Sparrow Father feeding the chick
young House Sparrow Father and fledgling chick
Sparrows in the snow House Sparrows are gregarious birds which have adapted to live close to humans.
House Sparrow