Juvenile Robin Erithacus rubecula

Young Robin
Juvenile Robin
The young Robin fledgling looks totally different from its parents, its speckled brown plumage providing good camouflage.
Young Robin Nestlings not harmed by photo; parents continued to feed.
Robins Once fledged, parents continue to feed the chicks.
Robins Its hard work.
Robin feeding young Feeding young.
Juvenile Robin on flowers Flowers.
Juvenile Robins Juveniles.
Robins Mother tries to teach them to get their own food.
Robins They watch open-mouthed as she flies away with morsel.
Robins Then turn away from food to follow her.
Robin She teaches them to pick up food.
Robin This one eventually got the hang of it.
Robin The young's chest is beginning to turn orange.
Juvenile Robin Gradual transformation to the Robin we know . . .
Juvenile Robin Chest becomes more orangey.
Juvenile Robin Orange-red feathers appear, with grey-white below.
the fuchsia looks bright My fuchsia looks bright.
Juvenile Robin Orange area extends.
Juvenile Robin Young Robin looks very tatty when moulting.