Robin Erithacus rubecula

The Robin, also called the European Robin with a range covering Eurasia and North Africa, is a friendly garden bird in the UK but more wary elsewhere. Male and female have similar plumage. Originally called the Redbreast in English, then Robin Redbreast, then just Robin, its orange breast varies among individuals from face and bib (top right) to face and full waistcoat (top left).
It is mostly resident (non-migratory) and has a curious nature, particularly foraging for food or defending territory. Like the Blackbird, is up early until late and has a melodious song.
Robin in snow Christmas card Robin in snow
Drunk Robin Windy day (or has he been at the fermenting apples?)
Robin with primula Slimmer and looking one's best by Spring
Robin - tennis ball Hybrid Robin and tennis ball
What's up? What's up?
Robin Duelling male Robins try to see off the opposition by showing the most expanse of red.
Robins She is impressed by the male with the most red on his breast, although initially she had to fight to be allowed in his territory.
Robins What's up Robin?
Robin on camelias Red on red
Robin on garden fork They typically sit on garden forks.
Garden Robin The Robin is a common garden companion.
The Robin is known as the gardener's friend from its habit of following gardeners in the hope they will turn up tasty morsels to eat (an ingrained habit from when the birds followed wild boars for the same reason).