Magpie Pica pica

Not just black and white but iridescent blue, green and purple. The Magpie (also European Magpie) is a member of the corvid (crow) family and is remarkably intelligent for a bird. It is the only non-mammal known to be able to recognise itself in a mirror.
Magpie-Penguins Penguins
Magpie-Penguins Magpies in the snow. The name Magpie was originally Pie as in Pied (black and white).
Magpie parent and juvenile The parent has a much longer tail than the juvenile
Young magpie Juvenile, still with shortish tail, developing its colour
Parent with young magpies Parent and juveniles
V sign The V sign
Magpie green tail The green tail
Magpie on feeder On garden feeder - black-bordered white wing feathers