Monocled Cobra Naja kaouthia

Monocled Cobra Monocled Cobra. They can grow to some 7 feet in length and can be found in grasslands, scrub, forests and cities.
Albino Monocled Cobra Albino Monocled Cobra.
Suphan Cobra Said to be a Suphan Cobra, Suphan is not a genetic subspecies but a yellow colour form of the Monocled Cobra from Thailand.
The Monocled Cobra is native to most of South Asia and much of Southeast Asia. Until the 1990s, all Asian cobras were grouped as subspecies of the Indian (Spectacled) Cobra but are now several separate species. The Monocled has a single "eye" marking on the back of its hood rather than the pair of eyes linked with curved lines of the Spectacled. Since snakes are deaf, snake charmers retain their attention by movement of the pipe rather than by music. Highly poisonous, their venom is a fast-acting neurotoxin but is also used for medical purposes.