Leach's Giant Gecko Rhacodactylus leachianus

Leach's Giant Gecko
New Caledonian Giant Gecko
Leach's Giant Gecko, also called the New Caledonian Giant Gecko, is native to the main island of New Caledonia east of Australia and to a couple of other small islands in the group. The eye looks like a clock face and the hands and feet are massive for a gecko. It can grow to a length of 14 inches (36 cm), the largest gecko in the world. It is nocturnal and tree-dwelling.
Henkel's Giant Gecko
Leach's Giant Gecko
Previously there were 3 subspecies, and that shown above was described as Henkel's subspecies, but all have been reintegrated into one species. All photos above are displayed horizontally but the animal was actually clinging to the branch vertically and head down.
Leach's Giant Gecko head Head
Leach's Giant Gecko body Body
Leach's Giant Gecko tail Tail