Pale Tussock Moth Calliteara pudibunda (Dasychira pudibunda)

Pale Tussock moth
Pale Tussock moth dark form
Pale Tussock moth
The above photos of a particularly dark and finely-marked example of the hairy Pale Tussock moth are by Terry Hobbs, taken on the wall of Moorlands Junior School, Bath. A male - the males have comb-like/feathered antennae to pick up pheromones over long distances; females have plain antennae. The adult moths do not eat. (The tussock moths also have interesting-looking hairy caterpillars - the Pale Tussock being bright yellow as a warning that it is an irritant.)
Pale Tussock moth pale form At the other extreme, this particularly pale form of the Pale Tussock moth is from Allison Prior. Hardly looks like the same species. It is a female - the females are larger and paler than the males.
female Pale Tussock moth with eggs Another female Pale Tussock moth, this one beside her eggs, was posted to animalphotos Facebook page by Darren Parsons.
Wingspan 40-60mm; UK flight time May-Jun.