Various Micro Moths

Coleophora hemerobiella moth
Coleophora hemerobiella has distintive lines on its back. Larva is a case-bearer (pistol case bearer first year and straight case 2nd year). Wingspan 14mm; UK flight time July.
Triaxomera parasitella moth
Triaxomera parasitella
Triaxomera parasitella: despite the name "parasitella", caterpillars of this ginger-haired moth feed on fungus. Wingspan 16-21mm; UK flight time May-Jul.
Water Veneer
Water Veneer moth
Water Veneer (Acentria ephemerella prev. nivea): males winged, females mostly wingless and live on water; larvae aquatic. Male wingspan 11-13mm; UK flight time Jun-Aug.
Epichnopterix plumella
Epichnopterix plumella is tiny, with wingspan about 12mm. Day-flying male UK flight time Apr-Jun. Females wingless.
Oegoconia quadripuncta moth Oegoconia quadripuncta, is sometimes called the Four-spotted yellowneck, but other similar species also have this name (e.g. O. deauratella and - US - O. novimundi). It is also known as the Leaf Litter moth since caterpillars live in leaf litter. Wingspan 11-17mm; UK flight time Jul-Aug.
Elachista apicipunctella moth Pearled Dwarf, Elachista apicipunctella, looks similar to several other Elachista ("Dwarf") moths: wingspan 10-11mm; UK flight time Apr-Jul. Caterpillar winters as leaf miner in grass.
Spuleria flavicaput moth Yellow-headed Cosmet, Spuleria flavicaput, flies around hawthorn in sunshine. Charcoal wings with 2 raised tufts on each. Wingspan 12-14mm; UK flight time May-Jun.
Blastodacna hellerella moth Hawthorn Cosmet Moth, Blastodacna hellerella: wingspan 11mm, UK flight Jun-Jul. Larva lives in hawthorn berries.
Mompha epilobiella moth
Mompha epilobiella (10-13mm wingspan; flies all year).
calybites phasianipennella moth Calybites phasianipennella (10-11mm wingspan; Sep-Jun)
luquetia lobella moth Luquetia lobella (19mm wingspan; UK flight time Jun)
Many thanks to Herts Moth Group expert Andrew Wood for the above two photographs of moths in Totteridge Fields.
syncopacma larseniella moth
Syncopacma larseniella (12mm wingspan; Jun-Jul flight)
Argyresthia goedartella moth
Argyresthia goedartella
Argyresthia goedartella on car window - flies by day (if sunny) and by night. Wingspan 10-13mm; flies Jun-Aug.