Ground Lackey Moth Malacosoma castrense/castrensis

Ground Lackey moth Wingspan 31-41 mm
Ground Lackey moth daylight UK flight time: Jun-Aug
Ground Lackey moth artificial light   
The above photos of the Ground Lackey moth were taken in southeast Kazakhstan, so it is either subspecies kirghisicum (Asia Minor and Central Asia) or thomalae (Tian-Shan).
However, the UK/European version looks identical (as does an unusual, light variant of The Lackey moth). Lackey caterpillars also look similar to those of the Ground Lackey.
Appropriately for a moth with Latin name castrense or castrensis, these moths were on the "walls" of our yurt camp in the Kazakh semi-desert/steppe.
Males with lion mane and feathered antennae, the one above right was taken in artificial light and the other two in early morning daylight.