Brown House-moth Hofmannophila pseudospretella

Brown House-moth
Brown House moth
Brown House-moth
One of nature's rubbish recyclers, the larvae of the Brown House-moth eat debris. Usually found in outhouses, they can be a pest in homes where, like Clothes Moth larvae, they eat organic fabrics.
Brown House-moth Wingspan: 15-26 mm.
Brown House moth The dotted back.
Brown House-moth UK flight time: all year.

White-shouldered House-moth
Endrosis sarcitrella

White-shouldered House-moth
White-shouldered House-moth Wingspan: 15-23 mm.
White-shouldered House-moth UK flight time: all year.
The White-shouldered House-moth looks similar to the Brown House-moth but with white head and shoulders. It is also usually found in outhouses and storehouses but can be found in the home. Another of nature's recyclers, it's larvae eat animal and plant debris, which is fine in bird's nests but not so good when eating flour/grain/dried food or dead insect specimens.