Knot Grass Moth Acronicta rumicis

Knot Grass moth
Knot Grass moth
The Knot Grass moth is not a grass moth in the usual sense (grass veneer, crambid) but is a noctuid; the caterpillars don't eat grass but a range of low plant leaves, especially dock leaves (and possibly the knotgrass herb). The moth is variable with greenish, greyish and even melanistic versions. It is native to most of temperate Eurasia.
Knot Grass moth Missing a few scales.
Knot Grass moth Wingspan 30-35mm; UK flight time May-Sep.

Sycamore Moth Acronicta aceris

Sycamore Moth
The Sycamore moth can be pale grey or, as above, dark grey, with pale underwings. Wingspan 35-45mm; UK flight time Jun-Aug. Hairy yellow/orange caterpillars feed on sycamore and other maples, horse chestnut, lime, mulberry and oak.