Beautiful China Mark Moth Nymphula nitidulata

Beautiful China mark moth
The Beautiful China-mark moth is one of several attractively-marked "China-marks" which are unusual for moths in having aquatic or semi-aquatic larvae which feed on aquatic plants. The Beautiful China-mark is native to most of Eurasia from Western Europe through to Japan. Wingspan is variously quoted as 18-22mm and 20-25mm. UK flight time is Jul-Aug (global Apr-Aug). Many thanks to Martin Starnes for the above photo.

More China-mark Moths and the Elder Pearl

Brown China mark moth The Brown China-mark above, Elophila/(Nymphula) nymphaeata, is another of the "China-mark" species. Background colour is variable. Wingspan: 22-30 mm; UK flight time: Jul-Sep.
Crowned Phlyctaenia moth The Crowned Anania, previously Crowned Phlyctaenia, above, also called the Elder Pearl and Elderberry Pearl, Anania (prev. Phlyctaenia) coronata, is reminiscent of the Brown China Mark left. Wingspan: 22-26 mm; UK flight time: Jun-Jul.
Ringed China-mark moth
Ringed China-mark moth, Kazakhstan
The Ringed China-mark, Parapoynx stratiotata, looks different to the others. Background colour varies but the "ring" with white centre is constant. Its wingspan is variously given as 20-24mm males, 28-30mm females and 15-28mm combined. UK flight time: Jun-Aug.