Twin-spot Carpet Moths

There are several species of moth called "Twin-spot Carpet", such as The Twin-spot Carpet and the Striped Twin-spot (neither yet shown here), indicating that they have the typical pattern and shape of a "Carpet" triangular moth and that they have a spot on the underside of each forewing and hindwing.

Red Twin-spot Carpet moth Moth goes to centre of flower pattern on plate seeking nectar?
Red Twin-spot Carpet moth Appropriate dunce's cap.
Red Twin-spot Carpet moth Twin spots.
The Red Twin-spot Carpet, Xanthorhoe spadicearia, is prevalent from northwestern Europe through to Siberia. Thanks to Martin Starnes for these photos in the UK. Wingspan 24-27mm; UK flight time May-Aug (2 broods in the south). Similar to Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, red or ferrugata form (both red and white usually brighter on Red Twin-spot).
Large Twin-spot Carpet moth
The Large Twin-spot Carpet, Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata, is usually lighter than the one shown above with clearer markings and a light hindwing. Thanks to Martin Starnes for this photo of a dark variant with the dark bar continuing through the hindwing. Thanks to Andrew Wood for the ID. Wingspan 29-32mm; UK flight time Jun-Jul. Overwinters as a caterpillar; caterpillars eat bedstraw plants.