Indian Owlet-moth Spirama retorta

Thanks to ᏦᏂᎧᏦᎧᏁ ᏕᏂᏗᏂ for permission to use the 3 photos on this webpage, all moths of Bengal sent to Facebook page.
Spirama retorta Indian Owlet-moth
This large moth with a face showing "eyes", red "nose" and a fine, curled "moustache" is an Indian Owlet-moth, Spirama retorta. The wingspan can reach over 80mm (male) and nearly 90mm (female). Its extensive range is from South to Southeast Asia from India across to China and Korea.
Amerila astreus Arctiine Tiger moth This is one of several moths called an Arctiine Tiger moth, this one being Amerila astreus with a native range from South Asia to New Guinea. Wingspan when outstretched is some 50-60mm.
moth Thalassodes species This emerald is one of the Thalassodes species. It is similar to Thalassodes immissaria with a range from the Indian subcontinent to Indonesia and the Ryuku Islands, but the one shown has rounder hind wings rather than the angular wings of T. immissaria.