Banteng Bos javanicus

Banteng bull Banteng bull
Banteng cow Banteng cow
Banteng calf Banteng calf
Banteng bull
Banteng cow
Banteng calf
Banteng are wild Southeast Asian cattle living in small groups in sparse forest. Like the larger Southeast Asian Guar, they are brown/black with white socks. The nominal subspecies is native to Java and Bali, Indonesia and other subspecies inhabit Borneo and the Southeast Asian mainland. They are endangered in the wild.
Banteng pair
The male (bull, top row left) is larger than the female (cow, top row centre), powerfully built and is black or dark brown. The female is chestnut brown. Both have horns, white rumps and knee-length white socks.
Banteng cattle
Many Banteng are domesticated as working cattle or for meat. Domestic Banteng are usually called Bali Cattle.