Horse Flies/Horseflies Tabanids

There are many species of Horse Fly in different genera. Many are large with colourful or patterned compound eyes. One thing they have in common - the female needs blood to make her eggs, like the Mosquito, and she bites - like the Mosquito but a lot more painful. Some species prefer horses, cattle or deer but most will take human blood if available. The male doesn't bite.

Cleg fly
Common Horse fly
The Common Horse Fly (Horsefly) above, also called a Cleg Fly and specifically the Notch-horned Cleg Fly, Haematopota pluvialis, has attractive, patterned brown wings and red, striped eyes.
Deerfly chrysops relictus
Deerfly Horsefly
Horsefly chrysops relictus
Deerfly, Chrysops relictus, called the Twin-lobbed Deerfly to distinguish from other Chrysops Deerflies, is large with bright green, patterned eyes, patterned wings and black markings on fawn.
Horse fly
Tabanus horse fly
Tabanus horsefly
Another common Horsefly is the Banded-eyed Brown Horsefly, Tabanus bromius, above, with big, green-brown compound eyes (red bands close-up), clear wings and dark brown markings on fawn. (A better candidate to be called "Notch-horned.")
Horse fly Another Horsefly - yet to be identified.