Limoniid Crane Flies mainly Limonia nubeculosa

Limoniid cranfly
Limonia cranefly
Crane Flies with an attractive, "stained-glass-window" pattern on their wings and a striped thorax are called "Limoniid/Limonoid" Crane Flies. They are a little smaller than the other species.
Limonia cranefly
Most of those shown on this page are Limonia nebeculosa
Limonia cranefly
Limonia craneflies coupled
Limonia Crane Flies coupled. Limonia species rest with their wings folded together over their back, unlike Tipula species.
Limonia cranefly The stained glass window
Limonia cranefly The long legs
small cranefly - limoniid species? This particularly small Crane Fly (small for a Crane Fly) is probably another Limonia species.