Sloe Bug/ Hairy Shieldbug Dolycoris baccarum

Sloe Bug
Sloe Bugs coupled
The Sloe Bug, also called the Hairy Shieldbug, has a maroon back with a dirty cream/light brown shield for most of the year and has black and white striped antennae.
Hairy Shieldbug
Sloe Shieldbug face
Hairy Shieldbugs coupled
Although associated with sloe berries, the bug uses many other trees/bushes and their fruits.
Sloe Shieldbug
Sloe Shieldbug
Sloe Shieldbug
The hairiness which gives rise to the name Hairy Shieldbug is not always apparent; it depends on closeness and angle. The nymphs are also hairy.
Sloe bug underside
The underside
Sloe Shieldbug in autumn
Sloe Bugs
The Sloe Bug darkens in autumn/winter and over-winters as an adult.