Baryancistrus and similar Plecos Scobinancistrus/Baryancistrus spp.

Sunshine Pleco Sunshine Pleco, also called Sunshine Goldie, Scobinancistrus aureatus, native to Brazil's River Xingu. Grows to 25cm long.
golden nugget baryancistrus species Above is one of the Baryancistrus species, some of which are called Golden Nugget.
golden nugget baryancistrus xanthellus Another Golden Nugget, Baryancistrus xanthellus, also native to Brazil's Xingu river and grows to some 22cm long. Also called the Orange Fin Pleco.
There are several similar dark plecos with bright yellow, gold or orange spots, some with yellow edges to fins. Some are named and some have only a reference number and have yet to be fully described. All are native to their particular area of a river basin in the northern half of South America.