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Cookie Policy

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Cookies are small text files placed by websites on visitors' computers. They track use of the site but they donít tell the site-owner who you are.

UK/European privacy laws require websites to obtain consent when placing 'cookies' on your computer, mobile or other device. does not directly or intentionally place any cookies and has no interest in gathering any information on users. However, two items of software on the site do or may place cookies:

-- Statcounter code is on the Home page and a couple of other popular pages. It provides data on ISP of user, including country, and which page referred the user to, if any. It is useful to give a snapshot indication of which pages are most visited.

-- Google Search and Analytics may place cookies on visitors' computers.



You can opt out of cookies by setting your browser to reject all cookies or to allow only trusted websites, or you can set your browser to delete all cookies after visits.